[vlc-devel] Re: VLC 5.0 scripting capabilities under Mac OS 10.2.3

Derk-Jan Hartman d.hartman at student.utwente.nl
Sun Feb 9 15:38:26 CET 2003

VLC was not scriptable.
I have already fixed this in CVS (to allow vlc to handle mms:// urls  
straight from IE)
So your script should work in the next release.

Your other problems are probably caused by some priority issues we had  
introduced. We tried to improve performance on machines by giving our  
threads higher priorities, but no one actually tested this on G3's  
before release and it seems we went a bit too far.

Derk-Jan Hartman

On zondag, feb 9, 2003, at 11:30 Europe/Amsterdam, Antonio Carlos  
Arantes De Biasi wrote:
>> I have an Apple Macintosh G3 333 Mhz dektop operating under Mac OS  
>> 10.2.3. and 768 Mb of physical RAM.
>> The machine is equipped with an ATI card (16 Mb -Rage) with DVD  
>> compression hardware and has a LG 8120 combo CDRW/DVD player.
>> With some minor hacking of mine and an italian hacker,  due to the  
>> fact that Apple "forbids" and it really precludes some machines to  
>> play DVDs, I  now play my DVDs under system 9.2.2 flawlessly (if you  
>> need this info how to, just ask and I will tell afterwords).
>> Under OS X the only way to play the DVDs is through your remarkable  
>> software VLC.
>> But I have two major problems. One problem is the fact that the DVD  
>> playing is not smooth, it goes "limping" or "tripping" on its own  
>> feet (only the image - the sound is perfect). I wonder about some  
>> minor settings in the "Preferences" would fix it ?
>> The second one is that I've written a script to activate and play the  
>> DVD as soon as the media is inserted into the player to facilitate  
>> the whole operation, as long as I do not have a crack for the System  
>> DVD Player under System 10.2.3 (as I said before, under OS X the only  
>> way to play DVDs in "non supportable machines' is through your  
>> software).
>> It's not working and I wonder if your software is scriptable ?
>> This is the script :
>> tell application "System Events"
>> 	tell process "vlc"
>> 		set frontmost to true
>> 		keystroke "d" with command down
>> 		keystroke return
>> 	end tell
>> end tell
>> This script was suggested by Joseph Briggs from Apple Support.
>> I am working with System Events app 1.2 but the script in not  
>> functional as I said before.
>> Could you help me solve these two troubles that bother me ?
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