[vlc-devel] ORBit2 module for VLC

Olivier Aubert oaubert at bat710.univ-lyon1.fr
Mon Feb 24 15:19:18 CET 2003


I implemented an ORBit2 module for vlc, because I needed to control a
DVD player and I did not want to write my entire application in C (I
prefer to use python to prototype).

This leads to this first version of an ORBit2 plugin (see attached
patch). It is against the 0.5.1 (Debian woody) version of VLC, but
should apply cleanly on the current CVS (only modifies configure.ac.in
and modules/Makefile.am, and creates a module/control/corba directory).

Included in the patch are two sample clients : the first one, client.py,
is CLI-oriented and best used within an interactive python shell (like
IPython). The second one uses python-glade and features a basic GUI.

The inspiration for the MediaControl.idl comes from various similar
projects in the CORBA field (OMG A/V, DSM-CC, IMA-MSS, ...) but the
current IDL should not be considered as definitive.

The core IDL should stay the same but I plan to extend it, at least to
handle text display on the DVD vout window (through the text-subtitle
module) and single image grabbing. Any suggestions about how to do it
are welcome.

There are some other issues (it should use the Naming Service, return
more information about the current stream, ...). Any suggestions on how
to make it better are welcome.

Drop me a line if you are interested in working on it.



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