[vlc-devel] Why I can not compile vlc with qt interface?

zhhehb zhhehb at 263.net
Sat Jan 4 07:25:19 CET 2003

I use Redhat Linux 8.0, I download vlc-0.4.6.tar.gz, after I unzip it, and install libdvdcss , I begin to install vlc.
I use default configure, It can install successfully, and using gtk+ interface.but I use this command "./configure --enable-qt" to using qt interface, I find it  will pass in "gmake" command. but when I run "vlc --intf qt", it will display error that "qt module is not find, and interface can not initialized".
if I use command "./configure --enable-qte --enable-opie", it will not pass in "gmake" command,and display errors in compile qt module. 
I find in both two command "./configure --enable-qt" and "./configure --enable-qte --enable-opie",, it says that "qt.h utility.........no","qt.h presence.........no", But I search this file and find it is exist in my computer.
So I want to know: it is maybe my qt configure is not correct, but how can I use qt interface of vlc, which way can help me to pass compile process, and can use "./vlc -intf qt" command?
thank you all.
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