[vlc-devel] Any error concealment? Getting Y values?

Heok Kee Oon oonheokkee78 at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 8 08:23:39 CET 2003


   I'd like to find out, what is the technique of
error concealment used in vlc-0.4.4? Are Y values of
lost frames set to 0? Or does it copy the value of the
previously displayed frame? Or is some other method

   Secondly, in plugins/mpeg_vdec/video_decoder.c, I
tried adding:

    printf("%u      %u      %u      %u\n", 
           *(p_mb->p_y_data + 8),
           *(p_mb->p_y_data + i_lum_dct_offset),
           *(p_mb->p_y_data + i_lum_dct_offset + 8)); 

at approximately line 279 and 299 in void PSZ_NAME()
to print out the Y values of the macroblock. However,
it seems like a lot of the Y values are not displayed.
Is this the correct (and the only) place to obtain the
Y values? Or should it be done at some other place?

   Thank you!!!


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