[vlc-devel] Videolan and Elearning, Slide Creation

chris wild chris at maclux-rz.uibk.ac.at
Fri Jan 10 10:07:11 CET 2003

Hi all,

I have read all the posts of the last days regarding the use of vlc as
eLearning Tool with much interest and I think that there is another
perspective that is worth giving a thought or two:

Here at the University of Innsbruck we are in the progress of developing our
own content management system named XIMS (http://xims.uibk.ac.at/) which
makes extensive use of XML and XSLT to render the content from XML to
various formats like HTML and so forth (for a simple example see

One of the side-effects of us using AxKit (http://www.axkit.org) are axpoint
presentations, which can be edited in the same UI as the rest of the
content, but produce an pdf-based slide presentations as one possible form
of an output.


for an example, and:


for the XML source.

Now the interesting thing would be an integration of XIMS for editing the
slides, and after that generation of an SMIL (or SlideML file
http://www.bitflux.ch/slideml/) which then could, together with an uploaded
audio stream, be used as streaming source for VLC.

Sounds good or not ? ;)



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