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chris wild chris at maclux-rz.uibk.ac.at
Fri Jan 10 19:52:43 CET 2003

Evening all :)

I like Davids new interface much better than the old one. Nevertheless some
suggestions/comments on previous mails regarding the interface:

What about using some kind of drawer approach like the DVD player from apple
does to hide some controls in a "second layer". If we perhaps could reach a
decision about which controls *need* to be in the first layer, and which
could be hidden in a second (a drawer) work on a final would be easier imho.

> The text 'VideoLan client * mac os-x' and 'www.videolan.org' are not
> really
> needed and are in fact distracting. The user already knows he or she is
> using VideoLan because he or she can see it in the title of the window
> and
> the menu bar. Repeating it 2 more times is cluttering the interface
> with
> elements which are not really needed.

I agree. Also the font for "Videolan" (could you please tell me where I can
get it David ?) could become a font used for a logo/corporate design of the
videolan products in the future. (Perhaps recreating the the yellow-white
hat as some kind of pencil drawing coloured in an aquarell way in
combination with that modern font could be a beginning for this).
But until then I'd also not use it in favour of a inter-platform consistency
of the appearance. 

>> The box containing the current position in the movie is a nice touch,
>> but I
>> think it is also not consistent with the general look and feel of
>> Aqua. The
>> main reason for this is the size of the font, which is far too big.
> I don't know i kinda like it. It makes it a little bit less boring.
> (The text shouldn't be selectable though)
> I don't think it is really interfering with the user experience.

My two cents on that: if the LCD contains *only" the playing time I'd
construct it a bit smaller - In this I agree with Niels. Otherwise I'd try
to get some more status information into it liker maybe the selected
subtitle language, a volume indicator etc. and make it much bigger (like in
iTunes ?)

> I do agree that the current grouping could be improved. especially the
> current position of the stop button is terrible.

Do we really need a Stop button ? QT-Player and iTunes only have Play/Pause
but no stop.

> There is one big disadvantage to that  widget. Officially it does not
> exist. It is not part of the controls specified by apple. This makes
> using this control extremely difficult and hard to implement.

Well if one really wants to deviate from a "standard" GUI I think it might
be a bit hard do stay only with the standard controls and widgets. Perhaps
the "bible" the Aqua Human Interface Design Guidelines can help us in
finding some decisions:


It is about 300 pages, but it is very much worth reading to understand some
of the principles behind doing interfaces for aqua imho.


Here are some examples for those who are not familiar with the OSX
MediaPlayer Apps:


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