[vlc-devel] Surround output on multi channel interfaces

Jean-Alexis Montignies ja at sente.ch
Fri Jan 10 19:58:37 CET 2003

 >I'd say that Heiko Panther and jlj already did it, but I'll wait for 
your mail.
Oh fine, so I have no need for recompiling vlc ;)

Ok, so far my experiences with sound:

I have a MOTU 828, 24bit 44.1/48 khz * 8, that have CoreAudio drivers. 
That works with all applications I tried but I have none with more than 
2 channels output.

In fact it works with all applications excepting vlc. With 0.4.6 I have 
no output, and with vlc-20030108.dmg, the sound is played on the iMac 
audio out.

Also if vlc would need an gui for choosing the channels (taking the 
first channels is enough for now), and the downmixing choices (to 
stereo, phantom center) supported by liba52.

What's the status on this?

For this, I could perhaps find some time to help.

Jean-Alexis Montignies

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