[vlc-devel] BeOS module

Stephan Assmus stippi at yellowbites.com
Sat Jan 11 20:34:09 CET 2003

Hi all & especially Eric,

the BeOS version has got some good improvements with Erics recent fixes 
for the audio sync and related stuff. Seems like VLC is pretty much up 
to what it used to be on BeOS. Eric, before you release another version 
on BeBits, could you please take a look at your resource file and add 
the MIME type "video" (-> video/*) to the list of supported file types? 
That would greatly enhance usability I would guess. Ah, just noticed, 
it plays plain audio files too, so add "audio" as well. :-)
The playlist handling needs improvements yet. In 0.4.6, it was much 
better. We need to provide at least the functionality of that. The 
difference is this: When you dropped a file on vlc's main or playlist 
window, everything got replaced by just the dropped file(s) and the 
first started playing immediately. If you pressed SHIFT while dropping, 
they would be appended to the end of the playlist instead, while the 
currently played item would continue to play. Currently, the file(s) 
are always appended, and playback jumps to the newly dropped file.


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