[vlc-devel] Help on clock recovery

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Mon Jan 13 15:42:28 CET 2003

>From: divya sb <divyagi at yahoo.com>

Dear All,

I am a student working on a reference implementation of a streaming
player. As part of it i need to develop a MPEG 2 TS demultiplexer. I
have almost completed my work. I am stuck up with synchronization (Clock
recovery part ).

I have found out that Video Lan Client has got a good implementation of
a streaming player along with demultiplexer.

I have gone through the code in input_clock.c

Could you please explain me 




input_ClockGetTS() ( Calculates current PTS & DTS Offsets) ,

funtions do.

My demultiplexer supports only one program at a time. 

I am doubtful on when to set the base reference clock and 

how to calclate PTS and DTS offsets.

Please help me i am stuck up at this point for days..

Thanks in advance



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