[vlc-devel] Fwd: new nl.po (was: Mac OS X interface, errors and dutch translation)

Derk-Jan Hartman d.hartman at student.utwente.nl
Wed Jan 15 00:01:55 CET 2003

Woopsie that didn't go over the list.
>> I also ran into several spelling errors, which have been there  
>> probably for ages.
>> I suggest you take a look at my version now and then return a final  
>> version.
>> I also built a diff of mine compared to your version. Might be easier  
>> to spot the changes.
>> My .po is untested, because i couldn't get the convert-po.sh script  
>> described in the README to work. (Using MacOSX)
> The changes you made to the dutch translation looks very good. I could  
> see you were not tired when doing the translation ;-). I only needed  
> to update a few lines and test the nl.po file. (I attached the  
> corrected new version.)
> I suggest we take yours. Maybe you could keep it updated in future?
That would be a good idea. ;-)

So here it is. Ready for commit i guess

# Copyright (C) YEAR Free Software Foundation, Inc.
msgid ""
msgstr ""
"Project-Id-Version: vlc\n"
"POT-Creation-Date: 2003-01-06 23:14+0100\n"
"PO-Revision-Date: 2002-04-20 16:58GMT\n"
"Last-Translator: Jean-Paul Saman <jpsaman at wxs.nl>\n"
"Language-Team: Nederlands <nl at li.org>\n"
"MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
"Content-Type: text/plain; charset=ISO-8859-1\n"
"Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n"
"X-Generator: KBabel 0.8\n"

#: src/libvlc.c:252
msgid "C"
msgstr "nl"

#. Usage
#: src/libvlc.c:282 src/libvlc.c:1256
#, fuzzy, c-format
msgid ""
"Usage: %s [options] [items]...\n"
msgstr ""
"Gebruik: %s [opties] [parameters] ...\n"

#: src/libvlc.c:1113 src/misc/configuration.c:916
msgid "string"
msgstr ""

#: src/libvlc.c:1131 src/misc/configuration.c:901
msgid "integer"
msgstr ""

#: src/libvlc.c:1134 src/misc/configuration.c:908
msgid "float"
msgstr ""

#: src/libvlc.c:1140
msgid " (default enabled)"
msgstr "(standaard)"

#: src/libvlc.c:1141
msgid " (default disabled)"
msgstr "(niet standaard)"

#: src/libvlc.c:1231 src/libvlc.c:1286 src/libvlc.c:1310
msgid ""
"Press the RETURN key to continue...\n"
msgstr ""
"Druk op RETURN om verder te gaan...\n"

#: src/libvlc.c:1259
msgid "[module]              [description]\n"
msgstr "[module]              [beschrijving]\n"

#: src/libvlc.c:1304
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"This program comes with NO WARRANTY, to the extent permitted by law.\n"
"You may redistribute it under the terms of the GNU General Public  
"see the file named COPYING for details.\n"
"Written by the VideoLAN team at Ecole Centrale, Paris.\n"
msgstr ""
"Dit programma wordt verspreid ZONDER ENIG GARANTIE, voor zover dit  
door de wet is toegestaan.\n"
"Het programma mag verspreid worden onder verplichtingen van de GNU  
General "
"Public License;\n"
"Zie het bestand COPYING voor details.\n"
"Geschreven door het VideoLAN team te Ecole Centrale, Paris.\n"

#. * Configuration options for the main program. Each module will also  
#. * define its own configuration options.
#. * Look into configuration.h if you need to know more about the  
#. * macros.
#: src/libvlc.h:34
msgid "interface module"
msgstr "interface module"

#: src/libvlc.h:36
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"This option allows you to select the interface used by vlc. The  
default "
"behavior is to automatically select the best module available."
msgstr ""
"Via deze optie kan de interface die vlc gebruikt geselecteerd  
"Noot: Standaard wordt automatisch de beste beschikbare methode  

#: src/libvlc.h:40
msgid "verbosity (0,1,2)"
msgstr "detail (0,1,2)"

#: src/libvlc.h:42
msgid ""
"This options sets the verbosity level (0=only errors and standard  
messages, "
"1=warnings, 2=debug)."
msgstr "De optie stelt het informatie niveau in (0=alleen errors en  
standaard "
"berichten, 1=waarschuwingen, 2=debug)."

#: src/libvlc.h:45
msgid "be quiet"
msgstr "wees stil"

#: src/libvlc.h:47
msgid "This options turns off all warning and information messages."
msgstr "Zet alle waarschuwingen en informele berichten uit."

#: src/libvlc.h:49
#, fuzzy
msgid "color messages"
msgstr "gekleurde berichten"

#: src/libvlc.h:51
msgid ""
"When this option is turned on, the messages sent to the console will  
be "
"colorized. Your terminal needs Linux color support for this to work."
msgstr ""
"Als deze optie gezet is, dan worden alle berichten van het console "
"gekleurd weergegeven. De console heeft Linux kleur ondersteuning nodig  
"dit te laten werken."

#: src/libvlc.h:54
msgid "interface default search path"
msgstr "interface standaard zoekpad"

#: src/libvlc.h:56
msgid ""
"This option allows you to set the default path that the interface will  
open "
"when looking for a file."
msgstr ""
"Stel het standaard zoekpad in waar de interface naar bestanden gaat  

#: src/libvlc.h:59
msgid "plugin search path"
msgstr "plugin zoekpad"

#: src/libvlc.h:61
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"This option allows you to specify an additional path for vlc to  
lookfor its "
msgstr ""
"Met deze optie kunt u een extra zoekpad aangeven, waar vlc plugins kan  

#: src/libvlc.h:64
msgid "audio output module"
msgstr "audio output module"

#: src/libvlc.h:66
msgid ""
"This option allows you to select the audio output method used by vlc.  
The "
"default behavior is to automatically select the best method available."
msgstr ""
"Deze optie selecteert de audio output methode, die gebruikt wordt door  
vlc. "
"Standaard wordt automatisch de best beschikbare methode gekozen."

#: src/libvlc.h:70
#, fuzzy
msgid "enable audio"
msgstr "schakel audio in"

#: src/libvlc.h:72
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"You can completely disable the audio output. In this case the audio  
decoding "
"stage won't be done, and it will save some processing power."
msgstr ""
"Audio ouput kan uitgeschakeld worden. De audio decoding stap wordt dan  
"overgeslagen, dit bespaart zelfs wat rekenkracht."

#: src/libvlc.h:75
#, fuzzy
msgid "force mono audio"
msgstr "selecteer mono audio"

#: src/libvlc.h:76
msgid "This will force a mono audio output"
msgstr "Dit zal mono audio output forceren"

#: src/libvlc.h:78
msgid "audio output volume"
msgstr "audio volume"

#: src/libvlc.h:80
msgid ""
"You can set the default audio output volume here, in a range from 0 to  
msgstr ""
"De standaard audio output volume is in te stellen tussen 0 en 1024."

#: src/libvlc.h:83
msgid "audio output format"
msgstr "audio output formaat"

#: src/libvlc.h:85
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"You can force the audio output format here.\n"
"0 -> 16 bits signed native endian (default)\n"
"1 ->  8 bits unsigned\n"
"2 -> 16 bits signed little endian\n"
"3 -> 16 bits signed big endian\n"
"4 ->  8 bits signed\n"
"5 -> 16 bits unsigned little endian\n"
"6 -> 16 bits unsigned big endian\n"
"7 -> MPEG2 audio (unsupported)\n"
"8 -> A52 pass-through"
msgstr ""
"Forceer het audio output formaat hier:\n"
"0 -> 16 bits signed native endian (standaard)\n"
"1 ->  8 bits unsigned\n"
"2 -> 16 bits signed little endian\n"
"3 -> 16 bits signed big endian\n"
"4 ->  8 bits signed\n"
"5 -> 16 bits unsigned little endian\n"
"6 -> 16 bits unsigned big endian\n"
"7 -> mpeg2 audio (unsupported)\n"
"8 -> A52 pass-through"

#: src/libvlc.h:96
msgid "audio output frequency (Hz)"
msgstr "audio output frequentie (Hz)"

#: src/libvlc.h:98
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"You can force the audio output frequency here. Common values are  
48000, "
"44100, 32000, 22050, 16000, 11025, 8000."
msgstr ""
"Forceer de audio output frequentie hier:\n"
"Gebruikelijke waarden zijn: 48000, 44100, 32000, 22050, 16000, 11025,  

#: src/libvlc.h:101
msgid "number of channels of audio output"
msgstr "aantal audio kanalen"

#: src/libvlc.h:103
msgid ""
"Mono is 1, stereo is 2. Higher value (used for 5.1) may not be  
supported by "
"your audio output module."
msgstr ""
"Mono is 1, stereo is 2. Hogere waarden (te gebruiken voor 5.1) worden "
"misschien niet ondersteund door de gebruikte audio output module."

#: src/libvlc.h:106
msgid "compensate desynchronization of audio (in ms)"
msgstr "compenseer audio desynchronisatie (in ms)"

#: src/libvlc.h:108
msgid ""
"This option allows you to delay the audio output. This can be handy if  
you "
"notice a lag between the video and the audio."
msgstr ""
"Vertraag de audio output, deze optie is handig als audio en video niet  
"synchroon lopen."

#: src/libvlc.h:111
msgid "headphone virtual spatialization effect"
msgstr "hoofdtelefoon virtuel ruimtelijk effect"

#: src/libvlc.h:113
msgid ""
"This effect gives you the feeling that you stands in a real room with  
a "
"complete 5.1 speaker set when using only a headphone, providing a more  
"realistic sound experience. It should also be more comfortable and  
less "
"tiring when listening to music for long periods of time.\n"
"It works with any source format from mono to 5.1."
msgstr ""
"Dit effect geeft de luisteraar, bij het gebruik van een koptelefoon,  
het "
"gevoel dat hij zich in een kamer bevindt met een complete 5.1  
luidspreker "
"set, waardoor een realistischere geluidsbeleving wordt ervaren. "
"Het is comfortabeler en minder vermoeiend als je langere tijd luistert  
naar audio.\n"
"Het werkt met elk geluidsformaat van mono tot 5.1."

#: src/libvlc.h:120
msgid "characteristic dimension"
msgstr "karakteristieke dimensie"

#: src/libvlc.h:122
msgid ""
"Headphone virtual spatialization effect parameter: distance between  
front "
"left speaker and listener in meters."
msgstr ""
"Hoofdtelefoon virtueel ruimtelijk effect instelling: de afstand tussen  
"luidspreker links-voor en luisteraar gemeten in meters."

#: src/libvlc.h:125
msgid "video output module"
msgstr "video output module"

#: src/libvlc.h:127
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"This option allows you to select the video output method used by vlc.  
The "
"default behavior is to automatically select the best method available."
msgstr ""
"Selecteer de video output methode die vlc gebruikt.\n"
"Noot: Standaard wordt automatisch de best beschikbare methode gekozen."

#: src/libvlc.h:131
#, fuzzy
msgid "enable video"
msgstr "zet video aan"

#: src/libvlc.h:133
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"You can completely disable the video output. In this case the video  
decoding "
"stage won't be done, which will save some processing power."
msgstr ""
"Video kan volledig uitgeschakeld worden. De video decodering stap  
wordt dan "
"overgeslagen. Op deze manier kan er op rekenkracht bespaard worden."

#: src/libvlc.h:136
msgid "display identifier"
msgstr "beeldscherm identificatie"

#: src/libvlc.h:138
msgid ""
"This is the local display port that will be used for X11 drawing. For "
"instance :0.1."
msgstr ""
"Dit is de lokale poort die gebruikt zal worden voor X11 uitvoer.  
Bijvoorbeeld "
":0.1 ."

#: src/libvlc.h:141
msgid "video width"
msgstr "video breedte"

#: src/libvlc.h:143
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"You can enforce the video width here. By default vlc will adapt to the  
video "
msgstr ""
"Forceer video breedte hier. Standaard probeert vlc zich aan de "
"karakteristieken van de video aan te passen."

#: src/libvlc.h:146
msgid "video height"
msgstr "video hoogte"

#: src/libvlc.h:148
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"You can enforce the video height here. By default vlc will adapt to  
the "
"video characteristics."
msgstr ""
"Forceer de video hoogte hier. Standaard zal vlc zich aan de "
"karakteristieken van de video aan te passen."

#: src/libvlc.h:151
msgid "zoom video"
msgstr "zoom video"

#: src/libvlc.h:153
msgid "You can zoom the video by the specified factor."
msgstr "Vergroot (verklein) de video met deze factor."

#: src/libvlc.h:155
msgid "grayscale video output"
msgstr "grijswaarden video output"

#: src/libvlc.h:157
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"When enabled, the color information from the video won't be decoded  
(this "
"can also allow you to save some processing power)."
msgstr ""
"Het gebruiken van deze optie resulteert in de afwezigheid van kleuren.  
(Dit "
"kan rekenkracht besparen.)"

#: src/libvlc.h:160
#, fuzzy
msgid "fullscreen video output"
msgstr "volledig scherm video"

#: src/libvlc.h:162
msgid ""
"If this option is enabled, vlc will always start a video in fullscreen  
msgstr ""
"Als deze optie gebruikt wordt, dan zal vlc een video altijd op  
volledige "
"scherm grootte afspelen."

#: src/libvlc.h:165
#, fuzzy
msgid "overlay video output"
msgstr "overlay video output"

#: src/libvlc.h:167
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"If enabled, vlc will try to take advantage of the overlay capabilities  
of "
"your graphic card."
msgstr ""
"Standaard probeert vlc snelheidswinst te halen uit het gebruik van de  
overlay "
"mogelijkheden van de aanwezige grafische kaart."

#: src/libvlc.h:170
msgid "force SPU position"
msgstr "forceer SPU positie"

#: src/libvlc.h:172
msgid ""
"You can use this option to place the subtitles under the movie,  
instead of "
"over the movie. Try several positions."
msgstr ""
"Plaats ondertiteling onder de film, in plaats van eroverheen. Probeer "
"verschillende waarden uit om het beste resultaat te bereiken."

#: src/libvlc.h:175
msgid "video filter module"
msgstr "video filter module"

#: src/libvlc.h:177
msgid ""
"This will allow you to add a post-processing filter to enhance the  
picture "
"quality, for instance deinterlacing, or to clone or distort the video  
msgstr ""
"Voeg nabewerkingsfilters toe om de beeldkwaliteit te verhogen. "
"Bijvoorbeeld voor deinterlacing, of het videoscherm klonen."

#: src/libvlc.h:181
msgid "source aspect ratio"
msgstr "aspect ratio bron"

#: src/libvlc.h:183
msgid ""
"This will force the source aspect ratio. For instance, some DVDs claim  
to be "
"16:9 while they are actually 4:3. This can also be used as a hint for  
"when a movie does not have aspect ratio information. Accepted formats  
are x:"
"y (4:3, 16:9, etc.) expressing the global image aspect, or a float  
value "
"(1.25, 1.3333, etc.) expressing pixel squareness."
msgstr ""
"Forceer de aspect ration. Bijvoorbeeld: somige DVDs zeggen 16:9  
grootte te "
"zijn terwijl ze eigenlijk maar 4:3 leveren. Dit kan als hint worden  
gebruikt "
"door VLC wanneer een film geen aspect ratio informatie bevat. De "
"toegestane waarden zijn x:y (4:3, 16:9, etc.), ze geven de globale  
beeld "
"aspect weer, of gebruik een gebroken getal (float) (1.25, 1.3333,  
etc.) "
"wat de beeldpunt grootte voorstelt."

#: src/libvlc.h:191
msgid "destination aspect ratio"
msgstr "output aspect ratio"

#: src/libvlc.h:193
msgid ""
"This will force the destination pixel size. By default VLC assumes  
your "
"pixels are square, unless your hardware has a way to tell it  
otherwise. This "
"may be used when you output VLC's signal to another device such as a  
TV set. "
"Accepted format is a float value (1, 1.25, 1.3333, etc.) expressing  
pixel "
msgstr ""
"Deze instelling forceert de grootte van de beeldpunten van de output. "
"Standaard neemt VLC aan dat beeldpunten vierkant zijn, behalve als de "
"hardware kan vertellen dat dit niet zo is. Hiermee kan VLC verteld  
worden "
"dat zijn uitgangssignaal naar "
"een ander device gaat zoals een TV. De toegestane waarden zijn  
decimale "
"getallen (float) (1.0, 1.25, 1.3333, etc.) die de mate van vierkante  
pixels "

#: src/libvlc.h:200
msgid "server port"
msgstr "server poort"

#: src/libvlc.h:202
msgid "This is the port used for UDP streams. By default, we chose  
msgstr "Het poortnummer voor gebruik met UDP streams. Standaard is  

#: src/libvlc.h:204
#, fuzzy
msgid "MTU of the network interface"
msgstr "MTU van de netwerk interface"

#: src/libvlc.h:206
msgid ""
"This is the typical size of UDP packets that we expect. On Ethernet it  
is "
"usually 1500."
msgstr ""
"De standaard gebruikte grootte van UDP pakketten dat verwacht wordt.  
Normaal "
"voor Ethernet is dit 1500."

#: src/libvlc.h:209
msgid "enable network channel mode"
msgstr "schakel netwerk kanaal mode in"

#: src/libvlc.h:211
msgid "Activate this option if you want to use the VideoLAN Channel  
msgstr "Gebruik deze optie tezamen met VideoLAN Channel Server."

#: src/libvlc.h:213
msgid "channel server address"
msgstr "channel server adres"

#: src/libvlc.h:215
msgid "Indicate here the address of the VideoLAN Channel Server."
msgstr "Geef hier het ip-address van de VideoLAN Channel Server."

#: src/libvlc.h:217
msgid "channel server port"
msgstr "channel server poort"

#: src/libvlc.h:219
msgid "Indicate here the port on which the VideoLAN Channel Server  
msgstr "Geef hier de poort op waar de VideoLAN Channel Server zich  

#: src/libvlc.h:221
msgid "network interface"
msgstr "netwerk interface"

#: src/libvlc.h:223
msgid ""
"If you have several interfaces on your Linux machine and use the VLAN "
"solution, you may indicate here which interface to use."
msgstr ""
"Als er meerdere interface kaarten in de Linux machine zitten en de  
"oplossing wordt gebruikt, dan kun je hier instellen welke netwerk  
interface "
"kaart gebruikt zal worden."

#: src/libvlc.h:226
#, fuzzy
msgid "network interface address"
msgstr "netwerk interface adres"

#: src/libvlc.h:228
msgid ""
"If you have several interfaces on your machine and use the multicast "
"solution, you will probably have to indicate the IP address of your "
"multicasting interface here."
msgstr ""
"Als er meerdere netwerk interfaces zijn in de computer en multicast "
"wordt gebruikt, dan kun je hier het IP adres van de multicast netwerk "
"interface instellen."

#: src/libvlc.h:232
msgid "choose program (SID)"
msgstr "selecteer programma (SID)"

#: src/libvlc.h:234
msgid "Choose the program to select by giving its Service ID."
msgstr "Selecteer een programma door middel van zijn bekende Service  

#: src/libvlc.h:236
msgid "choose audio"
msgstr "selecteer audio"

#: src/libvlc.h:238
msgid "Give the default type of audio you want to use in a DVD."
msgstr "Stel het standaard type audio in voor gebruik bij DVD."

#: src/libvlc.h:240
msgid "choose channel"
msgstr "selecteer een kanaal"

#: src/libvlc.h:242
msgid ""
"Give the stream number of the audio channel you want to use in a DVD  
(from 1 "
"to n)."
msgstr ""
"Selecteer met behulp van een nummber (van 1 tot n) welk audio kanaal  
je wilt "

#: src/libvlc.h:245
msgid "choose subtitles"
msgstr "selecteer een ondertiteling"

#: src/libvlc.h:247
msgid ""
"Give the stream number of the subtitle channel you want to use in a  
"(from 1 to n)."
msgstr ""
"Selecteer met behulp van een nummer (van 1 tot n) het  
ondertitelingskanaal dat "
"je wilt gebruiken bij een DVD."

#: src/libvlc.h:250
msgid "DVD device"
msgstr "DVD apparaat"

#: src/libvlc.h:253
msgid ""
"This is the default DVD drive (or file) to use. Don't forget the colon  
after "
"the drive letter (eg D:)"
msgstr ""
"Het standaard DVD drive (of bestand) dat gebruikt moet worden. Vergeet  
"niet de dubbele punt achter de drive letter (bijvoorbeeld D:)"

#: src/libvlc.h:257
msgid "This is the default DVD device to use."
msgstr "Standaard DVD apparaat dat gebruikt wordt."

#: src/libvlc.h:260
msgid "VCD device"
msgstr "VCD apparaat"

#: src/libvlc.h:262
msgid "This is the default VCD device to use."
msgstr "Standaard VCD apparaat dat gebruikt wordt."

#: src/libvlc.h:264
msgid "force IPv6"
msgstr "forceer IPv6"

#: src/libvlc.h:266
msgid ""
"If you check this box, IPv6 will be used by default for all UDP and  
msgstr ""
"Het selecteren van deze optie zorgt ervoor dat IPv6 gebruikt wordt  
voor alle "
"UDP en HTTP connecties."

#: src/libvlc.h:269
msgid "force IPv4"
msgstr "forceer IPv4"

#: src/libvlc.h:271
msgid ""
"If you check this box, IPv4 will be used by default for all UDP and  
msgstr ""
"Het selecteren van deze optie zorgt ervoor dat IPv4 gebruikt wordt  
voor alle "
"UDP en HTTP connecties."

#: src/libvlc.h:274
msgid "choose prefered codec list"
msgstr "selecteer de voorkeurscodec-lijst"

#: src/libvlc.h:276
msgid ""
"This allows you to select the order in which vlc will choose its  
codecs. For "
"instance, 'a52old,a52,any' will try the old a52 codec before the new  
one. "
"Please be aware that vlc does not make any difference between audio or  
video "
"codecs, so you should always specify 'any' at the end of the list to  
make "
"sure there is a fallback for the types you didn't specify."
msgstr ""
"Deze optie stelt de gebruiker in staat om de volgorde waarin vlc een  
codec kiest "
"te beinvloeden. Bijvoorbeeld: 'a52old,a52,any' verteld vlc eerst de  
oude a52 "
"codec te proberen voordat de nieuwe gekozen wordt. Let op: vlc maakt  
geen "
"verschil tussen audio en video codecs, dus specificeer altijd 'any'  
aan het "
"einde van de lijst, zodat er een backup is voor de types die niet "
"gespecificeerd zijn."

#: src/libvlc.h:283
msgid "choose a stream output"
msgstr "kies een stream output module"

#: src/libvlc.h:285
msgid "Empty if no stream output."
msgstr "Leeg als er geen stream output is opgegeven"

#: src/libvlc.h:287
#, fuzzy
msgid "enable video stream output"
msgstr "gebruik video stream output"

#: src/libvlc.h:289 src/libvlc.h:294
msgid ""
"This allows you to choose if the video stream should be redirected to  
the "
"stream output facility when this last one is enabled."
msgstr ""
"Deze optie stelt je instaat om de video stream om te leiden naar de  
stream "
"output faciliteit indien deze is in geschakeld."

#: src/libvlc.h:292
#, fuzzy
msgid "enable audio stream output"
msgstr "schakel audio stream output in"

#: src/libvlc.h:297
msgid "choose prefered packetizer list"
msgstr "kies de voorkeurs packetizer lijst"

#: src/libvlc.h:299
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"This allows you to select the order in which vlc will choose its  
msgstr ""
"Stel de volgorde in waarin vlc packetizers zal kiezen. "

#: src/libvlc.h:302
#, fuzzy
msgid "mux module"
msgstr "mux module"

#: src/libvlc.h:304
msgid "This is a legacy entry to let you configure mux modules"
msgstr "Dit is een backwards compatibiliteits optie voor het  
configureren "
"van mux modules."

#: src/libvlc.h:306
#, fuzzy
msgid "access output module"
msgstr "access output module"

#: src/libvlc.h:308
msgid "This is a legacy entry to let you configure access output  
msgstr "Dit is een backwards compatibiliteits optie voor het  
configureren "
"van access output modules."

#: src/libvlc.h:311
#, fuzzy
msgid "enable CPU MMX support"
msgstr "schakel de CPU's MMX support in"

#: src/libvlc.h:313
msgid ""
"If your processor supports the MMX instructions set, vlc can take  
advantage "
"of them."
msgstr ""
"Als de processor de MMX instructieset ondersteund, dan kan vlc hier  
gebruik "
"van maken."

#: src/libvlc.h:316
#, fuzzy
msgid "enable CPU 3D Now! support"
msgstr "schakel de CPU's 3D Now! support in"

#: src/libvlc.h:318
msgid ""
"If your processor supports the 3D Now! instructions set, vlc can take "
"advantage of them."
msgstr ""
"Als de processor de 3D Now! instructieset ondersteund, dan kan vlc  
hier "
"gebruik van maken."

#: src/libvlc.h:321
#, fuzzy
msgid "enable CPU MMX EXT support"
msgstr "schakel de CPU's MMX EXT support in"

#: src/libvlc.h:323
msgid ""
"If your processor supports the MMX EXT instructions set, vlc can take "
"advantage of them."
msgstr ""
"Als de processor de MMX EXT instruction set ondersteund, dan kan vlc  
hier "
"gebruik van maken."

#: src/libvlc.h:326
#, fuzzy
msgid "enable CPU SSE support"
msgstr "schakel de CPU's SSE support in"

#: src/libvlc.h:328
msgid ""
"If your processor supports the SSE instructions set, vlc can take  
advantage "
"of them."
msgstr ""
"Als de processor de SSE instructieset ondersteund, dan kan vlc hier "
"gebruik van maken."

#: src/libvlc.h:331
#, fuzzy
msgid "enable CPU AltiVec support"
msgstr "schakel de CPU's AltiVec support in"

#: src/libvlc.h:333
msgid ""
"If your processor supports the AltiVec instructions set, vlc can take "
"advantage of them."
msgstr ""
"Als de processor de AltiVec instructieset ondersteund, dan kan vlc  
hier "
"gebruik van maken."

#: src/libvlc.h:336
msgid "play files randomly forever"
msgstr "speel continue bestanden in willekeurige volgorde af"

#: src/libvlc.h:338
msgid ""
"When selected, vlc will randomly play files in the playlist until "
msgstr ""
"Speel in willekeurige volgorde bestanden uit de speellijst af, totdat "
"expliciet wordt gestopt."

#: src/libvlc.h:341
msgid "launch playlist on startup"
msgstr "toon speellijst bij opstarten"

#: src/libvlc.h:343
msgid "If you want vlc to start playing on startup, then enable this  
msgstr "Toon de speellijst automatisch bij het opstarten."

#: src/libvlc.h:345
#, fuzzy
msgid "enqueue items in playlist"
msgstr "standaard in de speellijst plaatsen"

#: src/libvlc.h:347
msgid ""
"If you want vlc to add items to the playlist as you open them, then  
enable "
"this option."
msgstr ""
"Deze optie vertelt vlc de bestanden automatisch in de speellijst te  
zetten "
"wanneer ze geopend worden."

#: src/libvlc.h:350
msgid "loop playlist on end"
msgstr "begin opnieuw, na einde speellijst"

#: src/libvlc.h:352
msgid ""
"If you want vlc to keep playing the playlist indefinitely then enable  
this "
msgstr ""
"Schakel deze optie in als vlc oneindig de speellijst moet herhalen."

#: src/libvlc.h:355
msgid "memory copy module"
msgstr "geheugen kopieer module"

#: src/libvlc.h:357
msgid ""
"You can select which memory copy module you want to use. By defaultvlc  
will "
"select the fastest one supported by your hardware."
msgstr ""
"Selecteer een geheugen kopieer module die door vlc moet worden  
gebruikt. "
"Standaard selecteert vlc de snelste versie die ondersteund wordt door  
de "
"computer hardware."

#: src/libvlc.h:360
msgid "access module"
msgstr "access module"

#: src/libvlc.h:362
msgid "This is a legacy entry to let you configure access modules"
msgstr "Dit is een backwards compatibiliteits optie die het  
configureren van "
"access modules mogelijk maakt."

#: src/libvlc.h:364
msgid "demux module"
msgstr "demux module"

#: src/libvlc.h:366
msgid "This is a legacy entry to let you configure demux modules"
msgstr "Dit is een backwards compatibiliteits optie die het  
configureren van "
"demux modules mogelijk maakt."

#: src/libvlc.h:368
msgid "fast mutex on NT/2K/XP (developers only)"
msgstr "snelle mutex op NT/2K/XP (alleen ontwikkelaars)"

#: src/libvlc.h:370
msgid ""
"On Windows NT/2K/XP we use a slow mutex implementation but which  
allows us "
"to correctely implement condition variables. You can also use the  
faster "
"Win9x implementation but you might experience problems with it."
msgstr ""
"Op Windows NT/2K/XP gebruiken we een trage maar stabiele mutex "
"implementatie. Het is mogelijk de snellere implementatie te gebruiken,  
"echter deze is nog experimenteel. Het is dus mogelijk dat er problemen  
"optreden met deze snellere implementatie."

#: src/libvlc.h:375
msgid "Condition variables implementation for Win9x (developers only)"
msgstr "Conditionele variabelen implementatie voor Win9x (alleen  

#: src/libvlc.h:378
msgid ""
"On Windows 9x/Me we use a fast but not correct condition variables "
"implementation (more precisely there is a possibility for a race  
condition "
"to happen). However it is possible to use slower alternatives which  
should "
"be more robust. Currently you can choose between implementation 0  
(which is "
"the default and the fastest), 1 and 2."
msgstr ""
"Op Windows 9x/Me gebruikt vlc een snelle maar correcte implementatie  
van "
"conditionele variabelen (in theorie is er nog een mogelijkheid voor  
een race "
"conditie). Echter het is mogelijk een tragere alternatief te  
gebruiken, "
"De toegestane mogelijke implementaties zijn 0 (standaard waarde en de  
snelste "
"implementatie), 1 en 2."

#: src/libvlc.h:386
msgid ""
"Playlist items:\n"
"  *.mpg, *.vob                   plain MPEG-1/2 files\n"
"  [dvd:][device][@raw_device][@[title][,[chapter][,angle]]]\n"
"                                 DVD device\n"
"  [vcd:][device][@[title][,[chapter]]\n"
"                                 VCD device\n"
"  udpstream:[@[<bind address>][:<bind port>]]\n"
"                                 UDP stream sent by VLS\n"
"  vlc:pause                      pause execution of playlist items\n"
"  vlc:quit                       quit VLC\n"
msgstr ""
"Speellijst items:\n"
"  *.mpg, *.vob                   gewone MPEG-1/2 bestanden\n"
"  [dvd:][apparaat[@raw_device][@[titel][,[hoofdstuk][,hoek]]]\n"
"                                 DVD apparaat\n"
"  [vcd:][apparaat][@[titel][,[hoofdstuk]]\n"
"                                 VCD apparaat\n"
"  udpstream:[@[<bind adres>][:<bind poort>]]\n"
"                                 UDP stream verzonden door VLS\n"
"  vlc:pause                      pauzeer speellijst items\n"
"  vlc:quit                       \tstop VLC\n"

#: src/libvlc.h:399 src/libvlc.h:400
msgid "Session Announcement Protocol support"
msgstr "Session Announcement Protocol ondersteuning"

#. Interface options
#: src/libvlc.h:419
msgid "Interface"
msgstr "Interface"

#. Audio options
#: src/libvlc.h:431 modules/audio_output/file.c:108
msgid "Audio"
msgstr "Audio"

#. Video options
#: src/libvlc.h:446 modules/misc/dummy/dummy.c:64
#: modules/video_output/directx/directx.c:107
msgid "Video"
msgstr "Video"

#. Input options
#: src/libvlc.h:466 modules/access/satellite/satellite.c:66
msgid "Input"
msgstr "Input"

#. Decoder options
#: src/libvlc.h:499
msgid "Decoders"
msgstr "Decoders"

#. Stream output options
#: src/libvlc.h:503 modules/gui/macosx/open.m:210
msgid "Stream output"
msgstr "Stream output"

#. CPU options
#: src/libvlc.h:514
msgid "CPU"
msgstr "CPU"

#. Playlist options
#: src/libvlc.h:526 modules/gui/gtk/gnome_interface.c:512
#: modules/gui/gtk/gnome_interface.c:2083
#: modules/gui/gtk/gnome_interface.c:2108  
#: modules/gui/gtk/gtk_interface.c:2364 modules/gui/macosx/intf.m:187
#: modules/gui/macosx/intf.m:225
msgid "Playlist"
msgstr "Speellijst"

#. Misc options
#: src/libvlc.h:533 modules/audio_filter/converter/a52tofloat32.c:84
#: modules/codec/a52old/a52old.c:59 modules/codec/mpeg_video/parser.c:84
#: modules/gui/familiar/familiar.c:69 modules/gui/win32/win32.cpp:259
#: modules/misc/logger/logger.c:85 modules/video_filter/clone.c:55
#: modules/video_filter/crop.c:58
#: modules/video_filter/deinterlace/deinterlace.c:69
#: modules/video_filter/distort.c:62  
#: modules/video_filter/transform.c:60 modules/video_filter/wall.c:63
#: modules/video_output/fb.c:68 modules/video_output/ggi.c:62
#: modules/video_output/mga/xmga.c:104
msgid "Miscellaneous"
msgstr "Overige"

#: src/libvlc.h:551
msgid "main program"
msgstr "hoofd programma"

#: src/libvlc.h:557
msgid "print help"
msgstr "print help"

#: src/libvlc.h:559
msgid "print detailed help"
msgstr "print gedetailleerde help"

#: src/libvlc.h:562
msgid "print a list of available modules"
msgstr "print een lijst van beschikbare modules"

#: src/libvlc.h:564
msgid "print help on module"
msgstr "print help van een module"

#: src/libvlc.h:567
msgid "print version information"
msgstr "print versie informatie"

#: src/misc/configuration.c:901
msgid "boolean"
msgstr "boolean"

#: include/interface.h:72
msgid ""
"Warning: if you can't access the GUI anymore, open a dos command box,  
go to "
"the directory where you installed VLC and run \"vlc -I win32\"\n"
msgstr ""
"Waarschuwing: als de interface niet meer toegankelijk is open dan een  
dos "
"command omgeving en ga naar de directory waar VLC is geinstalleerd.  
Run daar "
"het commando: \"vlc -I win32\"\n"

#. * Module descriptor
#: modules/access/dvd/dvd.c:65
msgid "method to use by libdvdcss for key decryption"
msgstr "methode die libdvdcss moet gebruiken voor key decryption"

#: modules/access/dvd/dvd.c:67
msgid ""
"Set the method used by libdvdcss for key decryption.\n"
"title: decrypted title key is guessed from the encrypted sectors of  
the "
"stream. Thus it should work with a file as well as the DVD device. But  
it "
"sometimes takes much time to decrypt a title key and may even fail.  
With "
"this method, the key is only checked at the beginning of each title,  
so it "
"won't work if the key changes in the middle of a title.\n"
"disc: the disc key is first cracked, then all title keys can be  
decrypted "
"instantly, which allows us to check them often.\n"
"key: the same as \"disc\" if you don't have a file with player keys at  
"compilation time. If you do, the decryption of the disc key will be  
faster "
"with this method. It is the one that was used by libcss.\n"
"The default method is: key."
msgstr ""
"Stel de methode in die libdvdcss moet gebruiken voor key decryption.\n"
"title: decrypted titel sleutel wordt geraden van de encrypted sectors  
van "
"de stroom. Dit zou dus zowel op een file als op een DVD apparaat  
moeten "
"werken. Echter soms neemt deze methode veel tijd in beslag om de  
sleutel te "
"ontcijferen. De methode kan zelfs falen en de sleutel is alleen aan  
het begin "
"van elke titel uitgeprobeerd. Dus als ondertussen de sleutel wijzigt  
dan "
"deze methode niet meer.\n"
"disc: de disc sleutel wordt eerst ontcijferd, waarna alle title  
sleutels "
"meteen ontcijfert kunnen worden. Hiermee kunnen de sleutels vaker "
"uitgeprobeert worden.\n"
"key: werkt hetzelfde als \"disc\" als er geen bestand met video speler  
"sleutels is tijdens compilatie van libdvdcss. Als dit bestand er wel  
is "
"dan is de ontcijfering van de disc sleutel veel sneller, deze methode  
wordt "
"dan ook gebruikt door libdvdcss."

#: modules/access/dvd/dvd.c:86
msgid "[dvd:][device][@raw_device][@[title][,[chapter][,angle]]]"
msgstr "[dvd:][device][@raw_device][@[titel][,[hoofdstuk][,hoek]]]"

#: modules/access/dvd/dvd.c:90
msgid "DVD input module, uses libdvdcss if installed"
msgstr "DVD input module, gebruikt libdvdcss indien aanwezig"

#: modules/access/dvd/dvd.c:93
msgid "DVD input module, uses libdvdcss"
msgstr "DVD input module, gebruikt libdvdcss"

#: modules/access/v4l/v4l.c:45
msgid "Video4Linux input module"
msgstr "Video4Linux input module"

#. * Module descriptor
#: modules/access/file.c:63 modules/access/http.c:79  
msgid "caching value in ms"
msgstr "buffer grootte in ms"

#: modules/access/file.c:65
msgid ""
"Allows you to modify the default caching value for file streams. This  
value "
"should be set in miliseconds units."
msgstr ""
"Wijzig de standaard buffer grootte voor streams uit bestanden. Deze  
waarde "
"wordt in milliseconden opgegeven."

#: modules/access/file.c:69
msgid "Standard filesystem file reading"
msgstr "Standaard filesysteem bestand lezen"

#: modules/access/file.c:70
msgid "file"
msgstr "Bestand"

#. * Module descriptor
#: modules/access/http.c:73
msgid "specify an HTTP proxy"
msgstr "specificeer een HTTP proxy"

#: modules/access/http.c:75
msgid ""
"Specify an HTTP proxy to use. It must be in the form  
"myport . If none is specified, the HTTP_PROXYenvironment variable will  
be "
msgstr ""
"Specificeer de HTTP proxy die gebruikt moet worden. Het formaat is als  
"volgt http://myproxy.mydomain:myport . Als er geen proxy  
gespecificeerd is, "
"dan wordt de omgevingsvariabele HTTP_PROXY geprobeert."

#: modules/access/http.c:81
msgid ""
"Allows you to modify the default caching value for http streams. This  
value "
"should be set in miliseconds units."
msgstr ""
"Wijzig de standaard waarde voor http stream buffer grootte. Deze  
waarde wordt "
"in miliseconden opgegeven."

#: modules/access/http.c:85
msgid "http"
msgstr "http"

#: modules/access/http.c:88
msgid "HTTP access module"
msgstr "HTTP access module"

#: modules/access/udp.c:72
msgid ""
"Allows you to modify the default caching value for udp streams. This  
value "
"should be set in miliseconds units."
msgstr ""
"Wijzig de standaard buffer grootte voor udp stromen. Deze waarde wordt  
in "
"miliseconden opgegeven."

#: modules/access/udp.c:76
msgid "raw UDP access module"
msgstr "raw UPD access module"

#: modules/access/udp.c:77
msgid "udp"
msgstr "udp"

#: modules/access/dvdread/dvdread.c:46
msgid "DVDRead input module"
msgstr "DVDRead input module"

#. * Module descriptor
#: modules/access/satellite/satellite.c:41
#, fuzzy
msgid "satellite default transponder frequency"
msgstr "sateliet standaard transponder frequentie"

#: modules/access/satellite/satellite.c:44
#, fuzzy
msgid "satellite default transponder polarization"
msgstr "sateliet standaard transponder polarisatie"

#: modules/access/satellite/satellite.c:47
#, fuzzy
msgid "satellite default transponder FEC"
msgstr "sateliet standaard transponder FEC"

#: modules/access/satellite/satellite.c:50
#, fuzzy
msgid "satellite default transponder symbol rate"
msgstr "sateliet standaard transponder symbool snelheid"

#: modules/access/satellite/satellite.c:53
msgid "use diseqc with antenna"
msgstr "gebruik disecq met antenne"

#: modules/access/satellite/satellite.c:56
msgid "antenna lnb_lof1 (kHz)"
msgstr "antenne lnb_lof1 (kHz)"

#: modules/access/satellite/satellite.c:59
msgid "antenna lnb_lof2 (kHz)"
msgstr "antenne lnb_lof2 (kHz)"

#: modules/access/satellite/satellite.c:62
msgid "antenna lnb_slof (kHz)"
msgstr "antenne lnb_slof (kHz)"

#: modules/access/satellite/satellite.c:78
msgid "satellite input module"
msgstr "sateliet input module"

#: modules/access/vcd/vcd.c:79
msgid "VCD input module"
msgstr "VCD input module"

#: modules/audio_filter/channel_mixer/trivial.c:46
msgid "audio filter for trivial channel mixing"
msgstr "audio filter voor het mixen van kanalen"

#: modules/audio_filter/converter/a52tospdif.c:51
msgid "audio filter for A/52->S/PDIF encapsulation"
msgstr "audio filter voor A/52->S/PDIF inkapseling"

#: modules/audio_filter/converter/fixed32tofloat32.c:48
msgid "audio filter for fixed32<->float32 conversion"
msgstr "audio filter voor fixed32<->float32 conversie"

#: modules/audio_filter/converter/fixed32tos16.c:46
msgid "audio filter for fixed32->s16 conversion"
msgstr "audio filter voor fixed32->s16 conversie"

#: modules/audio_filter/converter/float32tos16.c:46
msgid "audio filter for float32->s16 conversion"
msgstr "audio filter voor float32->s16 conversie"

#: modules/audio_filter/converter/float32tos8.c:46
msgid "audio filter for float32->s8 conversion"
msgstr "audio filter voor float32->s8 conversio"

#: modules/audio_filter/converter/float32tou16.c:46
msgid "audio filter for float32->u16 conversion"
msgstr "audio filter voor float32->u16 conversie"

#: modules/audio_filter/converter/float32tou8.c:46
msgid "audio filter for float32->u8 conversion"
msgstr "audio filter voor float32->u8 conversie"

#: modules/audio_filter/converter/s16tofloat32.c:46
msgid "audio filter for s16->float32 conversion"
msgstr "audio filter voor s16->float32 conversie"

#. * Module descriptor
#: modules/audio_filter/converter/a52tofloat32.c:75
msgid "A/52 dynamic range compression"
msgstr "A/52 dynamisch bereik compressie"

#: modules/audio_filter/converter/a52tofloat32.c:77
msgid ""
"Dynamic range compression makes the loud sounds softer, and the soft  
sounds "
"louder, so you can more easily listen to the stream in a noisy  
environment "
"without disturbing anyone. If you disable the dynamic range  
compression the "
"playback will be more adapted to a movie theater or a listening room."
msgstr ""
"Dynamisch bereik compressie maakt de harde geluiden zachter en de  
zachte "
"geluiden harder. Hiermee wordt het makkelijker om naar streams te  
luisteren "
"in een rumoerige omgeving zonder iemand te storen. Als deze optie uit  
staat, "
"dan wordt het geluid aangepast aan een filmtheater of een kamer."

#: modules/audio_filter/converter/a52tofloat32.c:86
msgid "ATSC A/52 aka AC-3 audio decoder module"
msgstr "ATSC A/52 aka AC-3 audio decoder module"

#: modules/audio_filter/converter/s16tofloat32swab.c:58
msgid "audio filter for s16->float32 with endianness conversion"
msgstr "audio filter voor s16->float32 met endianness conversie"

#: modules/audio_filter/resampler/trivial.c:46
msgid "audio filter for trivial resampling"
msgstr "audio filter voor trivial resampling"

#: modules/audio_filter/resampler/ugly.c:46
msgid "audio filter for ugly resampling"
msgstr "audio filter voor ugly resampling"

#: modules/audio_mixer/float32.c:45
msgid "float32 audio mixer module"
msgstr "float32 audio mixer module"

#: modules/audio_mixer/spdif.c:45
msgid "dummy spdif audio mixer module"
msgstr "dummy spdif audio mixer module"

#: modules/audio_mixer/trivial.c:45
msgid "trivial audio mixer module"
msgstr "trivial audio mixer module"

#: modules/audio_output/alsa.c:90
msgid "ALSA"
msgstr "ALSA"

#: modules/audio_output/alsa.c:92
msgid "ALSA device name"
msgstr "ALSA apparaat naam"

#: modules/audio_output/alsa.c:93
msgid "ALSA audio module"
msgstr "ALSA audio module"

#: modules/audio_output/alsa.c:117 modules/audio_output/alsa.c:303
#: modules/audio_output/oss.c:266
msgid "S/PDIF"
msgstr "S/PDIF"

#: modules/audio_output/alsa.c:168 modules/audio_output/oss.c:205
#: modules/audio_output/sdl.c:118 modules/audio_output/sdl.c:178
#: modules/audio_output/sdl.c:191 modules/audio_output/sdl.c:199
msgid "Mono"
msgstr "Mono"

#: modules/audio_output/alsa.c:173 modules/audio_output/oss.c:186
#: modules/audio_output/sdl.c:113 modules/audio_output/sdl.c:177
#: modules/audio_output/sdl.c:189 modules/audio_output/sdl.c:195
msgid "Stereo"
msgstr "Stereo"

#: modules/audio_output/alsa.c:307 modules/audio_output/oss.c:165
#: modules/audio_output/oss.c:270
msgid "5.1"
msgstr "5.1"

#: modules/audio_output/alsa.c:315 modules/audio_output/oss.c:174
#: modules/audio_output/oss.c:278
msgid "2 Front 2 Rear"
msgstr "2 Voor 2 Achter"

#: modules/audio_output/arts.c:67
msgid "aRts audio module"
msgstr "aRts audio module"

#: modules/audio_output/directx.c:122
msgid "DirectX audio module"
msgstr "DirectX audio module"

#: modules/audio_output/esd.c:65
msgid "EsounD audio module"
msgstr "EsounD audio module"

#. * Module descriptor
#: modules/audio_output/file.c:82
msgid "output format"
msgstr "output formaat"

#: modules/audio_output/file.c:83
msgid ""
"one of \"u8\", \"s8\", \"u16\", \"s16\", \"u16_le\", \"s16_le\",  
\"u16_be\", "
"\"s16_be\", \"fixed32\", \"float32\" or \"spdif\""
msgstr ""
"selecteer een van \"u8\", \"s8\", \"u16\", \"s16\", \"u16_le\",  
\"s16_le\", "
"\"u16_be\", \"s16_be\", \"fixed32\", \"float32\" or \"spdif\""

#: modules/audio_output/file.c:86
msgid "add wave header"
msgstr "voeg wave header toe"

#: modules/audio_output/file.c:87
msgid "instead of writing a raw file, you can add a wav header to the  
msgstr "voeg een wav header toe aan het bestand in plaats van alleen de  
data "
"te schrijven"

#: modules/audio_output/file.c:104
msgid "path of the output file"
msgstr "bestandspad van het uitvoer bestand"

#: modules/audio_output/file.c:105
msgid "By default samples.raw"
msgstr "Standaard samples,raw"

#: modules/audio_output/file.c:114
#, fuzzy
msgid "file audio output module"
msgstr "bestands audio output module"

#. * Module descriptor
#: modules/audio_output/oss.c:88
msgid "Try to work around buggy OSS drivers"
msgstr "Workaround voor foutieve OSS drivers"

#: modules/audio_output/oss.c:90
msgid ""
"Some buggy OSS drivers just don't like when their internal buffers are  
"completely filled (the sound gets heavily hashed). If you have one of  
these "
"drivers, then you need to enable this option."
msgstr ""
"Sommige OSS drivers bevatten fouten, hiervan merk je vaak pas iets als  
de "
"interne buffers vol zijn (het geluid gaat dan stevig hakkelen). Als je  
zo "
"een driver hebt, dan moet deze optie aan staan."

#: modules/audio_output/oss.c:95
msgid "OSS"
msgstr "OSS"

#: modules/audio_output/oss.c:97
msgid "OSS dsp device"
msgstr "OSS dsp apparaat"

#: modules/audio_output/oss.c:99
msgid "Linux OSS /dev/dsp module"
msgstr "Linux OSS /dev/dsp module"

#: modules/audio_output/oss.c:130
msgid "A/52 over S/PDIF"
msgstr "A/52 over S/PDIF"

#: modules/audio_output/sdl.c:68
msgid "Simple DirectMedia Layer audio module"
msgstr "Simple DirectMedia Layer audio module"

#: modules/audio_output/waveout.c:67
msgid "Win32 waveOut extension module"
msgstr "Win32 waveOut extensie module"

#: modules/codec/a52.c:81
msgid "A/52 parser"
msgstr "A/52 parser"

#: modules/codec/a52old/a52old.c:61  
msgid "A52 downmix module"
msgstr "A52 downmix module"

#: modules/codec/a52old/a52old.c:63  
msgid "A52 IMDCT module"
msgstr "A52 IMDCT module"

#: modules/codec/a52old/a52old.c:64
msgid "software A52 decoder"
msgstr "software A52 decoder"

#: modules/codec/a52old/downmix/downmix.c:62
msgid "SSE A52 downmix module"
msgstr "SSE A52 downmix module"

#: modules/codec/a52old/downmix/downmix.c:67
msgid "3D Now! A52 downmix module"
msgstr "3D Now! A52 downmix module"

#: modules/codec/a52old/imdct/imdct.c:60
msgid "SSE A52 IMDCT module"
msgstr "SSE A52 IMDCT module"

#: modules/codec/a52old/imdct/imdct.c:65
msgid "3D Now! A52 IMDCT module"
msgstr "3D Now! A52 IMDCT module"

#: modules/codec/araw.c:73
#, fuzzy
msgid "Pseudo Raw Audio decoder"
msgstr "Nep Raw audio decoder"

#: modules/codec/dv.c:48
msgid "DV video decoder"
msgstr "DV video decoder"

#: modules/codec/faad/decoder.c:55
msgid "AAC decoder module (libfaad2)"
msgstr "AAC decoder module (libfaad2)"

#: modules/codec/ffmpeg/ffmpeg.c:99
msgid "Ffmpeg"
msgstr "Ffmpeg"

#: modules/codec/ffmpeg/ffmpeg.c:113
msgid "Post processing"
msgstr "Nabewerking"

#: modules/codec/ffmpeg/ffmpeg.c:115
msgid "ffmpeg postprocessing module"
msgstr "ffmpeg nabewerkingsmodule"

#: modules/codec/ffmpeg/ffmpeg.c:139
msgid "ffmpeg audio/video decoder((MS)MPEG4,SVQ1,H263,WMV,WMA)"
msgstr "ffmpeg audio/video decoder((MS)MPEG4,SVQ1,H263,WMV,WMA)"

#: modules/codec/ffmpeg/postprocessing/postprocessing.c:49
msgid "C Post Processing module"
msgstr "C nabewerkingsmodule"

#: modules/codec/ffmpeg/postprocessing/postprocessing.c:53
msgid "MMX Post Processing module"
msgstr "MMX nabewerkingsmodule"

#: modules/codec/ffmpeg/postprocessing/postprocessing.c:58
msgid "MMXEXT Post Processing module"
msgstr "MMXEXT nabwerkingsmodule"

#: modules/codec/lpcm.c:98
msgid "linear PCM audio parser"
msgstr "linear PCM audio parser"

#: modules/codec/mad/decoder.c:52
msgid "Libmad"
msgstr "Libmad"

#: modules/codec/mad/decoder.c:53
msgid "libmad MPEG 1/2/3 audio decoder"
msgstr "libmad MPEG 1/2/3 audio decoder"

#: modules/codec/mpeg_audio/decoder.c:55
msgid "MPEG I/II layer 1/2 audio decoder"
msgstr "MPEG I/II layer 1/2 audio decoder"

#. * Module descriptor
#: modules/codec/mpeg_video/idct/idct.c:41
#: modules/codec/mpeg_video/parser.c:59
msgid "IDCT module"
msgstr "IDCT module"

#: modules/codec/mpeg_video/idct/idctaltivec.c:45
msgid "AltiVec IDCT module"
msgstr "AltiVec IDCT module"

#: modules/codec/mpeg_video/idct/idctclassic.c:41
msgid "classic IDCT module"
msgstr "classic IDCT module"

#: modules/codec/mpeg_video/idct/idctmmx.c:47
msgid "MMX IDCT module"
msgstr "MMX IDCT module"

#: modules/codec/mpeg_video/idct/idctmmxext.c:47
msgid "MMX EXT IDCT module"
msgstr "MMX EXT IDCT module"

#: modules/codec/mpeg_video/motion/motion.c:42
#: modules/codec/mpeg_video/parser.c:65
msgid "motion compensation module"
msgstr "compensatie module voor beweging"

#: modules/codec/mpeg_video/motion/motion3dnow.c:44
msgid "3D Now! motion compensation module"
msgstr "3D Now! beweging compensatie module"

#: modules/codec/mpeg_video/motion/motionaltivec.c:47
msgid "AltiVec motion compensation module"
msgstr "AltiVec beweging compensatie module"

#: modules/codec/mpeg_video/motion/motionmmx.c:45
msgid "MMX motion compensation module"
msgstr "MMX beweging compensatie module"

#: modules/codec/mpeg_video/motion/motionmmxext.c:44
#, fuzzy
msgid "MMX EXT motion compensation module"
msgstr "MMX EXT beweging compensatie module"

#: modules/codec/mpeg_video/parser.c:61
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"This option allows you to select the IDCT module used by this video  
decoder. "
"The default behavior is to automatically select the best module  
msgstr ""
"Via deze optie kan de IDCT module die vlc gebruikt geselecteerd  
"Noot: Standaard wordt automatisch de beste beschikbare methode  

#: modules/codec/mpeg_video/parser.c:67
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"This option allows you to select the motion compensation module used  
by this "
"video decoder. The default behavior is to automatically select the  
best "
"module available."
msgstr ""
"Selecteer de bewegings compensatie methode die vlc gebruikt voor video  
decoding. "
"Noot: Standaard wordt automatisch de best beschikbare methode gekozen."

#: modules/codec/mpeg_video/parser.c:71
msgid "use additional processors"
msgstr "gebruik extra processors"

#: modules/codec/mpeg_video/parser.c:73
msgid ""
"This video decoder can benefit from a multiprocessor computer. If you  
have "
"one, you can specify the number of processors here."
msgstr ""
"De video decoder kan profiteren van een computer met meerdere  
processoren. "
"Als er meerdere processoren in de computer zitten dan kan hier het  
aantal "
"opgegeven worden."

#: modules/codec/mpeg_video/parser.c:76
msgid "force synchro algorithm {I|I+|IP|IP+|IPB}"
msgstr "forceer synchronisatie algorithme {I|I+|IP|IP+|IPB}"

#: modules/codec/mpeg_video/parser.c:78
msgid ""
"This allows you to force the synchro algorithm, by directly selecting  
the "
"types of picture you want to decode. Please bear in mind that if you  
select "
"more pictures than what your CPU is capable to decode, you won't get "
msgstr ""
"Hiermee wordt het synchronizatie algorithme geselecteerd voor het  
decoderen "
"van de video plaatjes. Let op: als je meer plaatjes selecteert dan dat  
de "
"CPU aankan, dan resulteert dit in het ontbreken van video. De computer  
is dan "
"niet snel genoeg om deze plaatjes te kunnen decoderen. Herstel in die  
situatie de "
"originele instellingen."

#: modules/codec/mpeg_video/parser.c:92
msgid "MPEG I/II video decoder module"
msgstr "MPEG I/II video decoder module"

#. * Module descriptor.
#: modules/codec/spudec/spudec.c:47
msgid "Font used by the text subtitler"
msgstr "Lettertype voor de ondertiteling"

#: modules/codec/spudec/spudec.c:49
msgid ""
"When the subtitles are coded in text form then, you can choose which  
font "
"will be used to display them."
msgstr ""
"Als de ondertiteling gecodeerd zijn in tekst formaat, dan kan hier  
gekozen "
"worden welk lettertype er gebuikt moet worden om deze af te beelden op  
de "

#: modules/codec/spudec/spudec.c:53
#, fuzzy
msgid "subtitles"
msgstr "ondertiteling"

#: modules/codec/spudec/spudec.c:56
#, fuzzy
msgid "subtitles decoder module"
msgstr "ondertiteling decodeer module"

#: modules/control/lirc/lirc.c:60
msgid "infrared remote control module"
msgstr "infrarood afstandsbediening module"

#. * Module descriptor
#: modules/control/rc/rc.c:79
#, fuzzy
msgid "show stream position"
msgstr "laat video positie zien"

#: modules/control/rc/rc.c:80
msgid ""
"Show the current position in seconds within the stream from time to  
msgstr ""
"Laat regelmatig de huidige positie in de stroom zien in seconden."

#: modules/control/rc/rc.c:82
msgid "fake TTY"
msgstr "fake TTY"

#: modules/control/rc/rc.c:83
msgid "Force the rc plugin to use stdin as if it was a TTY."
msgstr "Forceer de rc plugin om stdin als TTY te gebruiken."

#: modules/control/rc/rc.c:86
msgid "Remote control"
msgstr "Afstandsbediening"

#: modules/control/rc/rc.c:91
msgid "remote control interface module"
msgstr "afstandsbediening interface module"

#: modules/demux/aac/demux.c:46
msgid "AAC stream demux"
msgstr "AAC stream demux"

#: modules/demux/mpeg/audio.c:47
msgid "MPEG I/II audio stream demux"
msgstr "MPEG I/II audio stream demux"

#: modules/demux/mpeg/es.c:49
msgid "ISO 13818-1 MPEG Elementary Stream input"
msgstr "ISO 13818-1 MPEG Elementary Stream input"

#: modules/demux/mpeg/ps.c:60
msgid "ISO 13818-1 MPEG Program Stream input"
msgstr "ISO 13818-1 MPEG Program Stream input"

#: modules/demux/mpeg/system.c:56
msgid "generic ISO 13818-1 MPEG demultiplexing"
msgstr "generieke ISO 13818-1 MPEG demultiplexing"

#. * Module descriptor
#: modules/demux/mpeg/ts.c:96
msgid "compatibility with pre-0.4 VLS"
msgstr "compatibiliteit met pre-0.4 VLS"

#: modules/demux/mpeg/ts.c:98
msgid ""
"The protocol for transmitting A/52 audio streams changed between VLC  
0.3.x "
"and 0.4. By default VLC assumes you have the latest VLS. In case  
you're "
"using an old version, select this option."
msgstr ""
"Het protocol voor het verzenden van A/52 audio streams is veranderd  
tussen "
"VLC 0.3.x en 0.4. Standaard verondersteld VLC dat de laatste VLS  
gebruikt "
"wordt. Indien dit niet zo is selecteer dan deze optie."

#: modules/demux/mpeg/ts.c:104
msgid "ISO 13818-1 MPEG Transport Stream input"
msgstr "ISO 13818-1 MPEG Transport Stream input"

#: modules/demux/mpeg/ts.c:108
msgid "ISO 13818-1 MPEG Transport Stream input (libdvbpsi)"
msgstr "ISO 13818-1 MPEG Transport Stream input (libdvbpsi)"

#: modules/demux/util/id3.c:46
msgid "Simple id3 tag skipper"
msgstr "Simpele id3 tag routine"

#: modules/demux/util/id3tag.c:46
msgid "id3 tag parser using libid3tag"
msgstr "id3 tag parser gebruikt libid3tag"

#: modules/gui/beos/BeOS.cpp:49
msgid "BeOS standard API module"
msgstr "BeOS standard API module"

#. * Module descriptor
#: modules/gui/familiar/familiar.c:61
msgid "autoplay selected file"
msgstr "autoplay bestand geselecteerd"

#: modules/gui/familiar/familiar.c:62
msgid "automatically play a file when selected in the file selection  
msgstr "speel automatisch een geselecteerde file af"

#: modules/gui/familiar/familiar.c:71
#, fuzzy
msgid "Familiar Linux Gtk+ interface module"
msgstr "Familiar Linux Gtk+ interface module"

#: modules/gui/familiar/interface.c:70
msgid "vlc (familiar)"
msgstr "vlc (familiar)"

#: modules/gui/familiar/interface.c:94 modules/gui/macosx/open.m:366
#: modules/gui/macosx/open.m:533 modules/gui/macosx/open.m:794
#, fuzzy
msgid "Open"
msgstr "Open"

#: modules/gui/familiar/interface.c:95
#, fuzzy
msgid "Open file"
msgstr "Open een bestand"

#: modules/gui/familiar/interface.c:107  
#: modules/gui/macosx/intf.m:195 modules/gui/macosx/intf.m:203
#: modules/gui/macosx/prefs.m:196
#, fuzzy
msgid "Preferences"
msgstr "Voorkeuren"

#: modules/gui/familiar/interface.c:122
msgid "Rewind"
msgstr "Langzaam"

#: modules/gui/familiar/interface.c:123
msgid "Rewind stream"
msgstr "Speel langzaam"

#: modules/gui/familiar/interface.c:135  
#: modules/gui/gtk/gnome_interface.c:845  
#: modules/gui/gtk/gtk_interface.c:1008 modules/gui/macosx/intf.m:191
#: modules/gui/macosx/intf.m:230 modules/gui/macosx/intf.m:258
#: modules/gui/macosx/controls.m:409
msgid "Pause"
msgstr "Pauze"

#: modules/gui/familiar/interface.c:136
#, fuzzy
msgid "Pause stream"
msgstr "Pauzeer stream"

#. dock menu
#: modules/gui/familiar/interface.c:148  
#: modules/gui/gtk/gnome_interface.c:838  
#: modules/gui/macosx/intf.m:190 modules/gui/macosx/intf.m:229
#: modules/gui/macosx/intf.m:257 modules/gui/macosx/playlist.m:67
msgid "Play"
msgstr "Start"

#: modules/gui/familiar/interface.c:149
#, fuzzy
msgid "Play stream"
msgstr "Start stream"

#: modules/gui/familiar/interface.c:161  
#: modules/gui/gtk/gnome_interface.c:852  
#: modules/gui/gtk/gtk_interface.c:1016 modules/gui/macosx/intf.m:192
#: modules/gui/macosx/intf.m:231 modules/gui/macosx/intf.m:259
#: modules/gui/macosx/controls.m:426
msgid "Stop"
msgstr "Stop"

#: modules/gui/familiar/interface.c:162
#, fuzzy
msgid "Stop stream"
msgstr "Stop stream"

#: modules/gui/familiar/interface.c:174
msgid "Forward"
msgstr "Sneller"

#: modules/gui/familiar/interface.c:175
msgid "Forward stream"
msgstr "Speel sneller"

#: modules/gui/familiar/interface.c:189  
#: modules/gui/familiar/interface.c:463  
msgid "About"
msgstr "Over"

#: modules/gui/familiar/interface.c:198
msgid "0:00:00"
msgstr "0:00:00"

#: modules/gui/familiar/interface.c:235
msgid "URL:"
msgstr "URL:"

#: modules/gui/familiar/interface.c:269  
#: modules/gui/kde/pluginsbox.cpp:45
msgid "Name"
msgstr "Naam"

#: modules/gui/familiar/interface.c:277
msgid "Type"
msgstr "Type"

#: modules/gui/familiar/interface.c:285
msgid "Size"
msgstr "Grootte"

#: modules/gui/familiar/interface.c:293
#, fuzzy
msgid "User"
msgstr "Gebruiker"

#: modules/gui/familiar/interface.c:301
#, fuzzy
msgid "Group"
msgstr "Groep"

#: modules/gui/familiar/interface.c:318  
#, fuzzy
msgid "file://"
msgstr ""

#: modules/gui/familiar/interface.c:319
msgid "ftp://"
msgstr ""

#: modules/gui/familiar/interface.c:320
msgid "http://"
msgstr ""

#: modules/gui/familiar/interface.c:321
msgid "udp://:1234"
msgstr ""

#: modules/gui/familiar/interface.c:322
msgid "udp6://:1234"
msgstr ""

#: modules/gui/familiar/interface.c:323
msgid "rtp://:1234"
msgstr ""

#: modules/gui/familiar/interface.c:324
msgid "rtp6://:1234"
msgstr ""

#: modules/gui/familiar/interface.c:336
msgid "Media"
msgstr "Media"

#: modules/gui/familiar/interface.c:352  
#: modules/gui/gtk/preferences.c:609 modules/gui/macosx/open.m:707
msgid "Save"
msgstr "Opslaan"

#: modules/gui/familiar/interface.c:362  
#: modules/gui/macosx/prefs.m:558
msgid "Apply"
msgstr "Pas Toe"

#: modules/gui/familiar/interface.c:372  
#: modules/gui/gtk/gtk_interface.c:2312  
#: modules/gui/gtk/preferences.c:613 modules/gui/macosx/prefs.m:554
#: modules/gui/macosx/open.m:174
msgid "Cancel"
msgstr "Annuleer"

#: modules/gui/familiar/interface.c:382
msgid "Automatically play file."
msgstr "Speel bestand automatisch af."

#: modules/gui/familiar/interface.c:393
#, fuzzy
msgid "Preference"
msgstr "Voorkeuren"

#: modules/gui/familiar/interface.c:419
msgid ""
"VideoLAN Client\n"
" for familiar Linux"
msgstr ""
"VideoLAN Client\n"
" voor familiar Linux"

#: modules/gui/familiar/interface.c:430
msgid "(c) 2002, the VideoLAN Team"
msgstr "(c) 2002, het VideoLAN team"

#: modules/gui/familiar/interface.c:440
#, fuzzy
msgid "Authors: The VideoLAN Team, http://www.videolan.org"
msgstr "Auteurs: Het VideoLAN team, http://www.videolan.org"

#: modules/gui/familiar/interface.c:451
msgid ""
"The VideoLAN Client is a MPEG, MPEG 2, MP3, DivX player, that accepts  
input "
"from local or network sources."
msgstr ""
"De VideoLAN Client is een MPEG 1, MPEG 2, MP3, DivX multimedia speler,  
die "
"invoer zowel van schijf als van netwerk kan afspelen."

#: modules/gui/familiar/support.c:121  
#: modules/gui/gtk/gnome_support.c:138 modules/gui/gtk/gtk_support.c:121
#, c-format
msgid "Couldn't find pixmap file: %s"
msgstr "Pixmap bestand niet gevonden: %s"

#: modules/gui/familiar/support.c:130 modules/gui/gtk/gtk_support.c:130
#, c-format
msgid "Error loading pixmap file: %s"
msgstr "Fout tijdens laden van pixmap bestand: %s"

#. * Module descriptor
#: modules/gui/gtk/gnome.c:55 modules/gui/gtk/gtk.c:57
msgid "show tooltips"
msgstr "toon tooltips"

#: modules/gui/gtk/gnome.c:56 modules/gui/gtk/gtk.c:58
msgid "Show tooltips for configuration options."
msgstr "Toon tooltips voor configuratie opties."

#: modules/gui/gtk/gnome.c:58
msgid "show text on toolbar buttons"
msgstr "toon tekst van de toolbar knoppen"

#: modules/gui/gtk/gnome.c:59
msgid "Show the text below icons on the toolbar."
msgstr "Toon tekst onder de iconen in de toolbar."

#: modules/gui/gtk/gnome.c:61 modules/gui/gtk/gtk.c:60
msgid "maximum height for the configuration windows"
msgstr "maximum hoogte voor de configuratie schermen"

#: modules/gui/gtk/gnome.c:63 modules/gui/gtk/gtk.c:62
msgid ""
"You can set the maximum height that the configuration windows in the "
"preferences menu will occupy."
msgstr ""
"De maximum hoogte voor de configuratie schermen voor het voorkeuren  
menu is "
"in te stellen."

#: modules/gui/gtk/gnome.c:72
msgid "GNOME"
msgstr "GNOME"

#: modules/gui/gtk/gnome.c:80
msgid "GNOME interface module"
msgstr "GNOME interface module"

#: modules/gui/gtk/gnome_interface.c:19  
#: modules/gui/gtk/gtk_interface.c:154  
msgid "_Open File..."
msgstr "Open Bestand..."

#: modules/gui/gtk/gnome_interface.c:20  
#: modules/gui/gtk/gnome_interface.c:811  
#: modules/gui/gtk/gtk_interface.c:499  
msgid "Open a File"
msgstr "Open een bestand"

#: modules/gui/gtk/gnome_interface.c:26  
#: modules/gui/gtk/gtk_interface.c:169  
msgid "Open _Disc..."
msgstr "Open _Disk..."

#: modules/gui/gtk/gnome_interface.c:27  
#: modules/gui/gtk/gnome_interface.c:818  
#: modules/gui/gtk/gtk_interface.c:510  
msgid "Open a DVD or VCD"
msgstr "Open een DVD of VCD"

#: modules/gui/gtk/gnome_interface.c:33  
#: modules/gui/gtk/gtk_interface.c:184  
msgid "_Network Stream..."
msgstr "_Netwerk Stream..."

#: modules/gui/gtk/gnome_interface.c:34  
#: modules/gui/gtk/gnome_interface.c:825  
#: modules/gui/gtk/gtk_interface.c:521  
msgid "Select a Network Stream"
msgstr "Selecteer een Netwerk Stream"

#: modules/gui/gtk/gnome_interface.c:41  
msgid "_Eject Disc"
msgstr "_Eject Disk"

#: modules/gui/gtk/gnome_interface.c:42  
#: modules/gui/gtk/gtk_interface.c:215
msgid "Eject disc"
msgstr "Verwijder schijf"

#: modules/gui/gtk/gnome_interface.c:56  
msgid "_Hide interface"
msgstr "_Verberg interface"

#: modules/gui/gtk/gnome_interface.c:63  
#: modules/gui/gtk/gtk_interface.c:287  
msgid "_Fullscreen"
msgstr "_Volledig Scherm"

#: modules/gui/gtk/gnome_interface.c:71  
msgid "Progr_am"
msgstr "Progr_amma"

#: modules/gui/gtk/gnome_interface.c:72  
msgid "Choose the program"
msgstr "Selecteer het programma"

#: modules/gui/gtk/gnome_interface.c:78  
msgid "_Title"
msgstr "_Titel"

#: modules/gui/gtk/gnome_interface.c:79
msgid "Choose title"
msgstr "Kies een titel"

#: modules/gui/gtk/gnome_interface.c:85  
msgid "_Chapter"
msgstr "_Hoofdstuk"

#: modules/gui/gtk/gnome_interface.c:86
msgid "Choose chapter"
msgstr "Kies een hoofdstuk"

#: modules/gui/gtk/gnome_interface.c:93  
msgid "_Playlist..."
msgstr "_Speellijst..."

#: modules/gui/gtk/gnome_interface.c:94  
msgid "Open the playlist window"
msgstr "Open het speellijst scherm"

#: modules/gui/gtk/gnome_interface.c:100  
msgid "_Modules..."
msgstr "_Modules..."

#: modules/gui/gtk/gnome_interface.c:101  
msgid "Open the module manager"
msgstr "Open de module manager"

#: modules/gui/gtk/gnome_interface.c:107  
#: modules/gui/kde/interface.cpp:134
msgid "Messages..."
msgstr "Boodschappen..."

#: modules/gui/gtk/gnome_interface.c:108  
msgid "Open the messages window"
msgstr "Open het berichten venster"

#: modules/gui/gtk/gnome_interface.c:119  
#: modules/gui/gtk/gtk_interface.c:1132
msgid "_Audio"
msgstr "_Audio"

#: modules/gui/gtk/gnome_interface.c:120  
#: modules/gui/gtk/gtk_interface.c:412
msgid "Select audio channel"
msgstr "Selecteer een audio kanaal"

#: modules/gui/gtk/gnome_interface.c:126  
#: modules/gui/gtk/gtk_interface.c:416  
msgid "_Subtitles"
msgstr "_Ondertiteling"

#: modules/gui/gtk/gnome_interface.c:127  
#: modules/gui/gtk/gtk_interface.c:425
msgid "Select subtitles channel"
msgstr "Selecteer ondertitel kanaal"

#: modules/gui/gtk/gnome_interface.c:203  
#: modules/gui/gtk/gtk_interface.c:1356
msgid "VideoLAN Client"
msgstr "VideoLAN Client"

#: modules/gui/gtk/gnome_interface.c:372
#: modules/gui/gtk/gnome_interface.c:1327
#: modules/gui/gtk/gnome_interface.c:1973  
#: modules/gui/gtk/gtk_interface.c:1615  
#: modules/gui/gtk/gtk_interface.c:2517 modules/gui/macosx/intf.m:209
#: modules/gui/macosx/open.m:176 modules/gui/macosx/open.m:212
#: modules/gui/macosx/open.m:316 modules/gui/macosx/open.m:727
#: modules/gui/macosx/open.m:759
msgid "File"
msgstr "Bestand"

#: modules/gui/gtk/gnome_interface.c:384  
#: modules/gui/gtk/gnome_interface.c:1438
#: modules/gui/gtk/gnome_interface.c:1966  
#: modules/gui/gtk/gtk_interface.c:696  
#: modules/gui/gtk/gtk_interface.c:2393 modules/gui/macosx/open.m:177
#: modules/gui/macosx/open.m:320
msgid "Disc"
msgstr "Disk"

#: modules/gui/gtk/gnome_interface.c:396  
msgid "Net"
msgstr "Netwerk"

#: modules/gui/gtk/gnome_interface.c:408  
msgid "Sat"
msgstr "Sateliet"

#: modules/gui/gtk/gnome_interface.c:409  
msgid "Open a Satellite Card"
msgstr "Open een sateliet kaart"

#: modules/gui/gtk/gnome_interface.c:422  
#: modules/gui/gtk/gtk_interface.c:544  
msgid "Back"
msgstr "Terug"

#: modules/gui/gtk/gnome_interface.c:423  
msgid "Go Backward"
msgstr "Ga Terug"

#: modules/gui/gtk/gnome_interface.c:436  
msgid "Stop Stream"
msgstr "Stop Stream"

#: modules/gui/gtk/gnome_interface.c:447  
msgid "Eject"
msgstr "Verwijder"

#: modules/gui/gtk/gnome_interface.c:460  
msgid "Play Stream"
msgstr "Start Stream"

#: modules/gui/gtk/gnome_interface.c:472  
msgid "Pause Stream"
msgstr "Pauzeer Stream"

#: modules/gui/gtk/gnome_interface.c:486  
#: modules/gui/gtk/gtk_interface.c:603  
msgid "Slow"
msgstr "Langzaam"

#: modules/gui/gtk/gnome_interface.c:487  
msgid "Play Slower"
msgstr "Speel langzamer"

#: modules/gui/gtk/gnome_interface.c:499  
#: modules/gui/gtk/gtk_interface.c:615  
msgid "Fast"
msgstr "Snel"

#: modules/gui/gtk/gnome_interface.c:500  
msgid "Play Faster"
msgstr "Speel Sneller"

#: modules/gui/gtk/gnome_interface.c:513  
msgid "Open Playlist"
msgstr "Open Speellijst"

#: modules/gui/gtk/gnome_interface.c:524  
#: modules/gui/gtk/gtk_interface.c:638  
#: modules/gui/gtk/gtk_interface.c:768  
msgid "Prev"
msgstr "Vorige"

#: modules/gui/gtk/gnome_interface.c:525  
msgid "Previous File"
msgstr "Vorig Bestand"

#: modules/gui/gtk/gnome_interface.c:536  
#: modules/gui/gtk/gtk_interface.c:649  
#: modules/gui/gtk/gtk_interface.c:776  
#: modules/gui/macosx/intf.m:194 modules/gui/macosx/intf.m:235
#: modules/gui/macosx/controls.m:431
msgid "Next"
msgstr "Volgende"

#: modules/gui/gtk/gnome_interface.c:537  
msgid "Next File"
msgstr "Volgende Bestand"

#: modules/gui/gtk/gnome_interface.c:601  
msgid "Title:"
msgstr "Titel:"

#: modules/gui/gtk/gnome_interface.c:621
msgid "Select previous title"
msgstr "Selecteer de vorige titel"

#: modules/gui/gtk/gnome_interface.c:646  
msgid "Chapter:"
msgstr "Hoofdstuk:"

#: modules/gui/gtk/gnome_interface.c:666
msgid "Select previous chapter"
msgstr "Selecteer vorig hoofdstuk"

#: modules/gui/gtk/gnome_interface.c:675
msgid "Select next chapter"
msgstr "Selecteer volgende hoofdstuk"

#: modules/gui/gtk/gnome_interface.c:684  
msgid "No server"
msgstr "Geen server"

#: modules/gui/gtk/gnome_interface.c:698
msgid "Network Channel:"
msgstr "Netwerk Kanalen:"

#: modules/gui/gtk/gnome_interface.c:713  
msgid "Go!"
msgstr "Ga!"

#: modules/gui/gtk/gnome_interface.c:881  
#, fuzzy
msgid "Toggle _Interface"
msgstr "Optie _Interface"

#: modules/gui/gtk/gnome_interface.c:889
#, fuzzy
msgid "Toggle fullscreen mode"
msgstr "Volledig scherm"

#: modules/gui/gtk/gnome_interface.c:910  
msgid "_Jump..."
msgstr "_Spring..."

#: modules/gui/gtk/gnome_interface.c:911
msgid "Got directly so specified point"
msgstr "Ga! rechtstreeks naar gespecificeerd punt"

#: modules/gui/gtk/gnome_interface.c:917  
#: modules/gui/kde/interface.cpp:143 modules/gui/macosx/intf.m:245
msgid "Program"
msgstr "Programma"

#: modules/gui/gtk/gnome_interface.c:918
msgid "Switch program"
msgstr "Verander van Programma"

#: modules/gui/gtk/gnome_interface.c:924  
msgid "_Navigation"
msgstr "_Navigeer"

#: modules/gui/gtk/gnome_interface.c:925
msgid "Navigate through titles and chapters"
msgstr "Navigeer door titels en hoofdstukken"

#: modules/gui/gtk/gnome_interface.c:947  
msgid "Playlist..."
msgstr "Speellijst..."

#: modules/gui/gtk/gnome_interface.c:1128  
#: modules/gui/kde/kde.cpp:116
msgid "(C) 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002 - the VideoLAN Team"
msgstr "(C) 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002 - het VideoLAN  

#: modules/gui/gtk/gnome_interface.c:1130  
#: modules/gui/kde/kde.cpp:113
msgid ""
"This is the VideoLAN client, a DVD and MPEG player. It can play MPEG  
and "
"MPEG 2 files from a file or from a network source."
msgstr ""
"De VideoLAN client is een DVD en MPEG speler. Het kan MPEG-1 en MPEG-2  
"multimedia bestanden aan vanuit een bestand of netwerk locatie."

#: modules/gui/gtk/gnome_interface.c:1217
msgid "Open Stream"
msgstr "Open Stroom"

#: modules/gui/gtk/gnome_interface.c:1234  
#: modules/gui/macosx/open.m:171
msgid "Media Resource Locator (MRL)"
msgstr "Media Resource Locater (MRL)"

#: modules/gui/gtk/gnome_interface.c:1256  
#, fuzzy
msgid "Open Target:"
msgstr "Open Doel locatie:"

#: modules/gui/gtk/gnome_interface.c:1276  
msgid ""
"Alternatively, you can build an MRL using one of the following  
predefined "
msgstr ""
"Bouw een MRL met behulp van de volgende voorgedefinieerde doelen:"

#: modules/gui/gtk/gnome_interface.c:1320  
#: modules/gui/macosx/open.m:180 modules/gui/macosx/open.m:186
#: modules/gui/macosx/open.m:216
msgid "Browse..."
msgstr "Blader..."

#: modules/gui/gtk/gnome_interface.c:1344  
#: modules/gui/gtk/menu.c:905 modules/gui/gtk/menu.c:926
#: modules/gui/kde/interface.cpp:145 modules/gui/macosx/intf.m:246
#: modules/gui/macosx/open.m:184
msgid "Title"
msgstr "Titel"

#: modules/gui/gtk/gnome_interface.c:1354  
#: modules/gui/gtk/menu.c:800 modules/gui/gtk/menu.c:935
#: modules/gui/kde/interface.cpp:147 modules/gui/macosx/intf.m:247
#: modules/gui/macosx/open.m:185
msgid "Chapter"
msgstr "Hoofdstuk"

#: modules/gui/gtk/gnome_interface.c:1374  
msgid "Disc type"
msgstr "Disk type"

#: modules/gui/gtk/gnome_interface.c:1393  
#: modules/gui/macosx/open.m:190 modules/gui/macosx/open.m:494
msgid "DVD"
msgstr "DVD"

#: modules/gui/gtk/gnome_interface.c:1401  
#: modules/gui/macosx/open.m:191 modules/gui/macosx/open.m:403
#: modules/gui/macosx/open.m:486
msgid "VCD"
msgstr "VCD"

#: modules/gui/gtk/gnome_interface.c:1409  
#: modules/gui/macosx/open.m:183
msgid "Device name"
msgstr "Apparaat naam"

#: modules/gui/gtk/gnome_interface.c:1455  
#: modules/gui/macosx/open.m:213 modules/gui/macosx/open.m:728
#: modules/gui/macosx/open.m:764
msgid "UDP"
msgstr "UDP"

#: modules/gui/gtk/gnome_interface.c:1465  
msgid "UDP Multicast"
msgstr "UDP Multicast"

#: modules/gui/gtk/gnome_interface.c:1475  
#, fuzzy
msgid "Channel server "
msgstr "Kanaal server"

#: modules/gui/gtk/gnome_interface.c:1485  
msgid "HTTP"
msgstr "HTTP"

#: modules/gui/gtk/gnome_interface.c:1495
#: modules/gui/gtk/gnome_interface.c:1570
#: modules/gui/gtk/gnome_interface.c:1581  
#: modules/gui/gtk/gtk_interface.c:1858  
#: modules/gui/macosx/open.m:193 modules/gui/macosx/open.m:195
#: modules/gui/macosx/open.m:197 modules/gui/macosx/open.m:218
msgid "Port"
msgstr "Poort"

#: modules/gui/gtk/gnome_interface.c:1505
#: modules/gui/gtk/gnome_interface.c:1517  
#: modules/gui/gtk/gtk_interface.c:1805 modules/gui/macosx/open.m:194
#: modules/gui/macosx/open.m:196 modules/gui/macosx/open.m:217
msgid "Address"
msgstr "Adres"

#: modules/gui/gtk/gnome_interface.c:1527  
#: modules/gui/macosx/open.m:198
msgid "URL"
msgstr "URL"

#: modules/gui/gtk/gnome_interface.c:1637
#: modules/gui/gtk/gnome_interface.c:1980  
#: modules/gui/gtk/gtk_interface.c:2407 modules/gui/macosx/open.m:178
#: modules/gui/macosx/open.m:324
msgid "Network"
msgstr "Netwerk"

#: modules/gui/gtk/gnome_interface.c:1654  
msgid "Symbol Rate"
msgstr "Symbol Rate"

#: modules/gui/gtk/gnome_interface.c:1664  
msgid "Frequency"
msgstr "Frequentie"

#: modules/gui/gtk/gnome_interface.c:1674  
msgid "Polarization"
msgstr "Polarisatie"

#: modules/gui/gtk/gnome_interface.c:1694  
msgid "FEC"
msgstr "FEC"

#: modules/gui/gtk/gnome_interface.c:1713  
msgid "Vertical"
msgstr "Vertikaal"

#: modules/gui/gtk/gnome_interface.c:1721  
msgid "Horizontal"
msgstr "Horizontaal"

#: modules/gui/gtk/gnome_interface.c:1763  
#, fuzzy
msgid "Satellite"
msgstr "Sateliet"

#: modules/gui/gtk/gnome_interface.c:1878 modules/gui/macosx/open.m:365
#: modules/gui/macosx/open.m:793
msgid "Open File"
msgstr "Open een bestand"

#: modules/gui/gtk/gnome_interface.c:1915
msgid "Modules"
msgstr "Modules"

#: modules/gui/gtk/gnome_interface.c:1923
msgid ""
"Sorry, the module manager isn't functional yet. Please retry in a  
later "
msgstr ""
"Sorry, de module manager is nog niet functioneel. Probeer een latere  

#: modules/gui/gtk/gnome_interface.c:1987
#: modules/gui/gtk/gnome_interface.c:2128  
msgid "Url"
msgstr "Url"

#: modules/gui/gtk/gnome_interface.c:1999  
msgid "All"
msgstr "Allemaal"

#: modules/gui/gtk/gnome_interface.c:2006
msgid "Item"
msgstr "Onderdeel"

#: modules/gui/gtk/gnome_interface.c:2018
msgid "Crop"
msgstr "Verklein"

#: modules/gui/gtk/gnome_interface.c:2025
msgid "Invert"
msgstr "Inverteer"

#: modules/gui/gtk/gnome_interface.c:2032  
#: modules/gui/kde/pluginsbox.cpp:50 modules/gui/macosx/prefs.m:381
msgid "Select"
msgstr "Selecteer"

#: modules/gui/gtk/gnome_interface.c:2044  
msgid "Add"
msgstr "Voeg toe"

#: modules/gui/gtk/gnome_interface.c:2051  
#: modules/gui/macosx/playlist.m:68
msgid "Delete"
msgstr "Verwijder"

#: modules/gui/gtk/gnome_interface.c:2058  
msgid "Selection"
msgstr "Selectie"

#: modules/gui/gtk/gnome_interface.c:2135  
msgid "Duration"
msgstr "Duur"

#: modules/gui/gtk/gnome_interface.c:2287
msgid "Jump to: "
msgstr "Spring naar: "

#: modules/gui/gtk/gnome_interface.c:2304  
msgid "s."
msgstr "s."

#: modules/gui/gtk/gnome_interface.c:2319  
msgid "m:"
msgstr "m:"

#: modules/gui/gtk/gnome_interface.c:2334  
msgid "h:"
msgstr "h:"

#. messages panel
#: modules/gui/gtk/gnome_interface.c:2391  
#: modules/gui/kde/messages.cpp:8 modules/gui/macosx/intf.m:198
#: modules/gui/macosx/intf.m:226
msgid "Messages"
msgstr "Berichten"

#: modules/gui/gtk/gnome_support.c:116
#, c-format
msgid "Couldn't create pixmap from file: %s"
msgstr "Kon geen pixmap creeeren van bestand: %s"

#: modules/gui/gtk/gtk.c:71
msgid "Gtk+"
msgstr "Gtk+"

#: modules/gui/gtk/gtk.c:77
msgid "Gtk+ interface module"
msgstr "Gtk+ interface module"

#: modules/gui/gtk/gtk_interface.c:136  
msgid "_File"
msgstr "_Bestand"

#: modules/gui/gtk/gtk_interface.c:227
msgid "_Close"
msgstr "_Sluit"

#: modules/gui/gtk/gtk_interface.c:235
msgid "Close the window"
msgstr "Sluit het venster"

#: modules/gui/gtk/gtk_interface.c:242  
msgid "E_xit"
msgstr "Af_sluiten"

#: modules/gui/gtk/gtk_interface.c:250
msgid "Exit the program"
msgstr "Sluit programma af"

#: modules/gui/gtk/gtk_interface.c:257
msgid "_View"
msgstr "_Toon"

#: modules/gui/gtk/gtk_interface.c:283
msgid "Hide the main interface window"
msgstr "Verberg het hoofdscherm"

#: modules/gui/gtk/gtk_interface.c:328
msgid "Navigate through the stream"
msgstr "Navigeer door de stream"

#: modules/gui/gtk/gtk_interface.c:385
msgid "_Settings"
msgstr "_Instellingen"

#: modules/gui/gtk/gtk_interface.c:403
msgid "A_udio"
msgstr "A_udio"

#: modules/gui/gtk/gtk_interface.c:437  
msgid "_Preferences..."
msgstr "_Voorkeuren..."

#: modules/gui/gtk/gtk_interface.c:445
msgid "Configure the application"
msgstr "Stel applicatie voorkeuren in"

#: modules/gui/gtk/gtk_interface.c:449
msgid "_Help"
msgstr "_Help"

#: modules/gui/gtk/gtk_interface.c:467  
msgid "_About..."
msgstr "_Over..."

#: modules/gui/gtk/gtk_interface.c:475
msgid "About this application"
msgstr "Over dit programma"

#: modules/gui/gtk/gtk_interface.c:805
msgid "Channel:"
msgstr "Kanaal:"

#: modules/gui/gtk/gtk_interface.c:999
msgid "_Play"
msgstr "S_peel"

#: modules/gui/gtk/gtk_interface.c:1373
msgid "Authors"
msgstr "Auteurs"

#: modules/gui/gtk/gtk_interface.c:1380
msgid ""
"the VideoLAN team <videolan at videolan.org>\n"
msgstr ""
"Het VideoLAN team <videolan at videolan.org>\n"

#: modules/gui/gtk/gtk_interface.c:1405  
#: modules/gui/gtk/gtk_interface.c:2305  
#: modules/gui/gtk/gtk_interface.c:2643  
#: modules/gui/macosx/prefs.m:550 modules/gui/macosx/prefs.m:765
#: modules/gui/macosx/open.m:173
msgid "OK"
msgstr "OK"

#: modules/gui/gtk/gtk_interface.c:1509
#, fuzzy
msgid "Open Target"
msgstr "Open Doel"

#: modules/gui/gtk/gtk_interface.c:2185
msgid "Select File"
msgstr "Selecteer Bestand"

#: modules/gui/gtk/gtk_interface.c:2232
msgid "Jump"
msgstr "Spring"

#: modules/gui/gtk/gtk_interface.c:2239
msgid "Go to:"
msgstr "Ga naar:"

#: modules/gui/gtk/gtk_interface.c:2442
msgid "Selected"
msgstr "Geselecteerd"

#: modules/gui/gtk/gtk_interface.c:2465
msgid "_Crop"
msgstr "_Verklein"

#: modules/gui/gtk/gtk_interface.c:2476
msgid "_Invert"
msgstr "_Inverteer"

#: modules/gui/gtk/gtk_interface.c:2487
msgid "_Select"
msgstr "_Selecteer"

#. special case for "off" item
#: modules/gui/gtk/menu.c:518 modules/gui/macosx/prefs.m:384
#: modules/gui/macosx/prefs.m:413 modules/gui/macosx/prefs.m:641
#: modules/gui/macosx/prefs.m:670
msgid "None"
msgstr "Geen"

#: modules/gui/gtk/menu.c:681
#, c-format
msgid "Title %d (%d)"
msgstr "Titel: %d (%d)"

#: modules/gui/gtk/menu.c:748
#, c-format
msgid "Chapter %d"
msgstr "Hoofdstuk %d"

#: modules/gui/gtk/preferences.c:321 modules/gui/kde/pluginsbox.cpp:46
msgid "Description"
msgstr "Beschrijving"

#: modules/gui/gtk/preferences.c:367 modules/gui/kde/pluginsbox.cpp:48
#: modules/gui/macosx/prefs.m:364
msgid "Configure"
msgstr "Configureer"

#. add new label
#: modules/gui/gtk/preferences.c:390 modules/gui/kde/pluginsbox.cpp:53
msgid "Selected:"
msgstr "Geselecteerd:"

#: modules/gui/kde/interface.cpp:89
msgid "Languages"
msgstr "Talen"

#: modules/gui/kde/interface.cpp:94 modules/gui/macosx/intf.m:249
#, fuzzy
msgid "Subtitles"
msgstr "Ondertiteling"

#: modules/gui/kde/interface.cpp:138
msgid "Stream info..."
msgstr "Stream informatie..."

#: modules/gui/kde/interface.cpp:433
msgid "Off"
msgstr "Uit"

#: modules/gui/kde/kde.cpp:59
msgid "Path to ui.rc file"
msgstr "Pad naar ui.rc bestand"

#: modules/gui/kde/kde.cpp:60
msgid "KDE interface module"
msgstr "KDE interface module"

#: modules/gui/kde/messages.cpp:29
#, fuzzy
msgid "Messages:"
msgstr "Berichten:"

#: modules/gui/macosx/intf.m:188 modules/gui/macosx/intf.m:234
#: modules/gui/macosx/controls.m:430
msgid "Previous"
msgstr "Vorige"

#: modules/gui/macosx/intf.m:189 modules/gui/macosx/intf.m:233
#: modules/gui/macosx/controls.m:411
msgid "Slower"
msgstr "Langzamer"

#: modules/gui/macosx/intf.m:193 modules/gui/macosx/intf.m:232
#: modules/gui/macosx/controls.m:410
msgid "Faster"
msgstr "Sneller"

#: modules/gui/macosx/intf.m:199
msgid "Close"
msgstr "Sluit"

#. main menu
#: modules/gui/macosx/intf.m:202
msgid "About VLC Media Player"
msgstr "Over VLC Media Speler"

#: modules/gui/macosx/intf.m:204
msgid "Hide VLC"
msgstr "Verberg VLC"

#: modules/gui/macosx/intf.m:205
msgid "Hide Others"
msgstr "_Verberg Anderen"

#: modules/gui/macosx/intf.m:206
msgid "Show All"
msgstr "Toon Alle Vensters"

#: modules/gui/macosx/intf.m:207
msgid "Quit VLC"
msgstr "Sluit VLC af"

#: modules/gui/macosx/intf.m:210
msgid "Open..."
msgstr "Open..."

#: modules/gui/macosx/intf.m:211
msgid "Open File..."
msgstr "Open Bestand..."

#: modules/gui/macosx/intf.m:212
msgid "Open Disc..."
msgstr "Open Disk..."

#: modules/gui/macosx/intf.m:213
msgid "Open Network..."
msgstr "Open Netwerk..."

#: modules/gui/macosx/intf.m:214
#, fuzzy
msgid "Open Recent"
msgstr "Open laatste"

#. Recent Items Menu
#: modules/gui/macosx/intf.m:215 modules/gui/macosx/intf.m:1103
#, fuzzy
msgid "Clear Menu"
msgstr "Maak menu leeg"

#: modules/gui/macosx/intf.m:217
msgid "Edit"
msgstr "Bewerk"

#: modules/gui/macosx/intf.m:218
msgid "Cut"
msgstr "Knip"

#: modules/gui/macosx/intf.m:219
msgid "Copy"
msgstr "Kopieer"

#: modules/gui/macosx/intf.m:220
msgid "Paste"
msgstr "Plak"

#: modules/gui/macosx/intf.m:221
msgid "Clear"
msgstr "Verwijder"

#: modules/gui/macosx/intf.m:222 modules/gui/macosx/playlist.m:69
msgid "Select All"
msgstr "Selecteer Alles"

#: modules/gui/macosx/intf.m:224
#, fuzzy
msgid "View"
msgstr "Toon"

#: modules/gui/macosx/intf.m:228
msgid "Controls"
msgstr "Knoppen"

#: modules/gui/macosx/intf.m:236
msgid "Loop"
msgstr "Herhaal"

#: modules/gui/macosx/intf.m:237 modules/gui/macosx/controls.m:448
msgid "Volume Up"
msgstr "Geluid Harder"

#: modules/gui/macosx/intf.m:238 modules/gui/macosx/controls.m:449
msgid "Volume Down"
msgstr "Geluid Zachter"

#: modules/gui/macosx/intf.m:239 modules/gui/macosx/controls.m:450
msgid "Mute"
msgstr "Geluid Stil"

#: modules/gui/macosx/intf.m:240
msgid "Channels"
msgstr "Kanalen"

#: modules/gui/macosx/intf.m:241
msgid "Device"
msgstr "Apparaat"

#: modules/gui/macosx/intf.m:242 modules/gui/macosx/controls.m:464
msgid "Fullscreen"
msgstr "Volledig Scherm"

#: modules/gui/macosx/intf.m:243
msgid "Screen"
msgstr "Scherm"

#: modules/gui/macosx/intf.m:244 modules/gui/macosx/controls.m:479
msgid "Deinterlace"
msgstr "Deinterface"

#: modules/gui/macosx/intf.m:248
msgid "Language"
msgstr "Taal"

#: modules/gui/macosx/intf.m:251
msgid "Window"
msgstr "Venster"

#: modules/gui/macosx/intf.m:252
msgid "Minimize Window"
msgstr "Verklein Venster"

#: modules/gui/macosx/intf.m:253
msgid "Close Window"
msgstr "Sluit Venster"

#: modules/gui/macosx/intf.m:254
#, fuzzy
msgid "Bring All to Front"
msgstr "Breng Allen naar de Voorgrond"

#. error panel
#: modules/gui/macosx/intf.m:262
msgid "Error"
msgstr "Fout"

#: modules/gui/macosx/intf.m:263
msgid ""
"An error has occurred which probably prevented the execution of your "
"request :"
msgstr ""
"Er is een fout opgetreden die het onmogelijk maakte om uw verzoek af  
te "
"handelen :"

#: modules/gui/macosx/intf.m:264
msgid "If you believe that it is a bug, please follow the instructions  
at :"
msgstr "Mocht u van mening zijn dat het een software fout betreft, volg  
dan de "
"instructies op:"

#: modules/gui/macosx/intf.m:265
msgid "Open Messages Window"
msgstr "Open het Berichten Venster"

#: modules/gui/macosx/intf.m:266
msgid "Dismiss"
msgstr ""

#: modules/gui/macosx/open.m:170
msgid "Open Source"
msgstr "Open Bron"

#: modules/gui/macosx/open.m:181
msgid "Treat as a pipe rather than as a file"
msgstr "Beschouw bestand als een pipe"

#: modules/gui/macosx/open.m:187
msgid "Use DVD menus"
msgstr "Gebruik DVD menus"

#: modules/gui/macosx/open.m:189 modules/gui/macosx/open.m:392
msgid "VIDEO_TS folder"
msgstr "VIDEO_TS map"

#: modules/gui/macosx/open.m:200 modules/gui/macosx/open.m:554
#: modules/gui/macosx/open.m:604
msgid "UDP/RTP"
msgstr "UDP/RTP"

#: modules/gui/macosx/open.m:201 modules/gui/macosx/open.m:555
#: modules/gui/macosx/open.m:616
msgid "UDP/RTP Multicast"
msgstr "UDP/RTP Multicast"

#: modules/gui/macosx/open.m:202 modules/gui/macosx/open.m:556
#: modules/gui/macosx/open.m:601 modules/gui/macosx/open.m:629
msgid "Channel server"
msgstr "Kanaal server"

#: modules/gui/macosx/open.m:203 modules/gui/macosx/open.m:557
#: modules/gui/macosx/open.m:648
msgid "HTTP/FTP/MMS"
msgstr "HTTP/FTP/MMS"

#: modules/gui/macosx/open.m:211
msgid "Stream output MRL"
msgstr "Stroom output MRL"

#: modules/gui/macosx/open.m:214 modules/gui/macosx/open.m:729
msgid "RTP"
msgstr "RTP"

#: modules/gui/macosx/open.m:220 modules/gui/macosx/open.m:698
#: modules/gui/macosx/open.m:756
msgid "PS"
msgstr "PS"

#: modules/gui/macosx/open.m:221
msgid "TS"
msgstr "TS"

#: modules/gui/macosx/open.m:437 modules/gui/macosx/open.m:489
#: modules/gui/macosx/open.m:497
msgid "No %@s found"
msgstr "Geen %@s gevonden"

#: modules/gui/macosx/open.m:532
msgid "Open VIDEO_TS Directory"
msgstr "Open VIDEO_TS map"

#: modules/gui/macosx/open.m:706
#, fuzzy
msgid "Save File"
msgstr "Bewaar Bestand"

#: modules/gui/ncurses/ncurses.c:66
#, fuzzy
msgid "ncurses interface module"
msgstr "ncurses interface module"

#: modules/gui/qnx/qnx.c:44
msgid "QNX RTOS module"
msgstr "QNX RTOS module"

#: modules/gui/qt/qt.cpp:47
msgid "Qt interface module"
msgstr "Qt interface module"

#. * Module descriptor
#: modules/gui/win32/win32.cpp:253
msgid "maximum number of lines in the log window"
msgstr "maximum aantal regels in het log scherm"

#: modules/gui/win32/win32.cpp:255
msgid ""
"You can set the maximum number of lines that the log window will  
display. "
"Enter -1 if you want to keep all messages."
msgstr ""
"Het maximum aantal regels in het log scherm is te beperken in deze  
optie. "
"Voer -1 in om alle berichten te bewaren in het scherm."

#: modules/gui/win32/win32.cpp:261
#, fuzzy
msgid "Native Windows interface module"
msgstr "Native Windows interface module"

#. * Module descriptor
#: modules/misc/dummy/dummy.c:37
msgid "dummy image chroma format"
msgstr "dummy image chroma format"

#: modules/misc/dummy/dummy.c:39
msgid ""
"Force the dummy video output to create images using a specific chroma  
format "
"instead of trying to improve performances by using the most efficient  
msgstr ""
"Forceer de dummy video output om plaatjes te creeeren met een  
specifiek chroma "
"formaat in plaats van te proberen de performance te verbeteren door de  
" module te gebruiken."

#: modules/misc/dummy/dummy.c:44
msgid "dummy functions module"
msgstr "dummy functie module"

#: modules/misc/dummy/interface.c:46
#, fuzzy
msgid "Using the dummy interface plugin..."
msgstr "Gebruik de dummy interface plugin..."

#: modules/misc/gtk_main.c:55
#, fuzzy
msgid "Gtk+ helper module"
msgstr "Gtk+ helper module"

#: modules/misc/logger/logger.c:86
msgid "log filename"
msgstr "log bestandsnaam"

#: modules/misc/logger/logger.c:86
msgid "Specify the log filename."
msgstr "Specificeer de log bestandsnaam"

#: modules/misc/logger/logger.c:87
msgid "log format"
msgstr "log formaat"

#: modules/misc/logger/logger.c:87
msgid ""
"Specify the log format. Available choices are \"text\" (default) and  
msgstr ""
"Specificeer het log formaat. De beschikbare keuzes zijn \"text\"  
(standaard) "
"en \"html\""

#: modules/misc/logger/logger.c:88
msgid "file logging interface module"
msgstr "bestands logging interface module"

#: modules/misc/logger/logger.c:102
msgid "Using the logger interface plugin..."
msgstr "De logger interface plugin module wordt gebruikt..."

#: modules/misc/memcpy/memcpy.c:81
msgid "libc memcpy module"
msgstr "libc memcpy module"

#: modules/misc/memcpy/memcpy.c:85
msgid "3D Now! memcpy module"
msgstr "3D Now! memcpy module"

#: modules/misc/memcpy/memcpy.c:92
msgid "MMX memcpy module"
msgstr "MMX memcpy module"

#: modules/misc/memcpy/memcpy.c:97
msgid "MMX EXT memcpy module"
msgstr "MMX EXT memcpy module"

#: modules/misc/memcpy/memcpyaltivec.c:52
msgid "AltiVec memcpy module"
msgstr "AltiVec memcpy module"

#: modules/misc/network/ipv4.c:79
msgid "IPv4 network abstraction layer"
msgstr "IPv4 network abstractie laag"

#: modules/misc/network/ipv6.c:79
msgid "IPv6 network abstraction layer"
msgstr "IPv6 network abstractie laag"

#: modules/misc/testsuite/test1.c:33
#, fuzzy
msgid "C module that does nothing"
msgstr "de C module die niks doet"

#: modules/misc/testsuite/test4.c:63
#, fuzzy
msgid "Miscellaneous stress tests"
msgstr "Overige stress testen"

#: modules/video_chroma/i420_rgb.c:67
#, fuzzy
msgid "I420,IYUV,YV12 to RGB2,RV15,RV16,RV24,RV32 conversions"
msgstr "I420,IYUV,YV12 to RGB,RV15,RV16,RV24,RV32 conversies"

#: modules/video_chroma/i420_rgb.c:71
msgid "MMX I420,IYUV,YV12 to RV15,RV16,RV24,RV32 conversions"
msgstr "MMX I420,IYUV,YV12 to RV15,RV16,RV24,RV32 conversies"

#: modules/video_chroma/i420_ymga.c:48  
#: modules/video_chroma/i422_yuy2.c:61
msgid "conversions from "
msgstr "conversies van "

#: modules/video_chroma/i420_ymga.c:48  
#: modules/video_chroma/i420_yuy2.c:67  
#: modules/video_chroma/i422_yuy2.c:61  
msgid " to "
msgstr " naar "

#: modules/video_chroma/i420_ymga.c:51  
#: modules/video_chroma/i422_yuy2.c:64
msgid "MMX conversions from "
msgstr "MMX conversies van "

#. * Module descriptor
#: modules/video_filter/clone.c:50
msgid "Number of clones"
msgstr "Aantal klonen"

#: modules/video_filter/clone.c:51
msgid "Select the number of video windows in which to clone the video"
msgstr "Kies het nummer van het video scherm waarin het video beeld  
gekloond "
"moet worden."

#: modules/video_filter/clone.c:57
#, fuzzy
msgid "image clone video module"
msgstr "image kloon video module"

#. * Module descriptor
#: modules/video_filter/crop.c:51
msgid "crop geometry"
msgstr "verklein afmetingen"

#: modules/video_filter/crop.c:52
msgid "Set the geometry of the zone to crop"
msgstr "Zet de afmetingen van de zone op verkleinen"

#: modules/video_filter/crop.c:54
msgid "automatic cropping"
msgstr "automatische verkleining"

#: modules/video_filter/crop.c:55
msgid "Activate automatic black border cropping"
msgstr "Activeer automatische een zwarte rand verkleining"

#: modules/video_filter/crop.c:61
#, fuzzy
msgid "image crop video module"
msgstr "image verklein video module"

#. * Module descriptor
#: modules/video_filter/deinterlace/deinterlace.c:63
#, fuzzy
msgid "deinterlace mode"
msgstr "deinterface mode"

#: modules/video_filter/deinterlace/deinterlace.c:64
msgid "One of \"discard\", \"blend\", \"mean\", \"bob\" or \"linear\""
msgstr "Een van \"discard\", \"blend\", \"mean\", \"bob\" of \"linear\""

#: modules/video_filter/deinterlace/deinterlace.c:72
msgid "deinterlacing module"
msgstr "deinterlacing module"

#. * Module descriptor
#: modules/video_filter/distort.c:56
#, fuzzy
msgid "distort mode"
msgstr "distort mode"

#: modules/video_filter/distort.c:57
msgid "Distort mode, one of \"wave\" and \"ripple\""
msgstr "Distort mode, een van \"wave\" en \"ripple\""

#: modules/video_filter/distort.c:65
msgid "miscellaneous video effects module"
msgstr "overige video effecten module"

#: modules/video_filter/invert.c:49
msgid "invert video module"
msgstr "inverteer video module"

#. * Module descriptor
#: modules/video_filter/motionblur.c:51
msgid "Blur factor"
msgstr "Wazigheids faktor"

#: modules/video_filter/motionblur.c:52
msgid "The degree of blurring from 1 to 127"
msgstr "De mate van wazigheid uitgedrukt in een getal van 1 tot 127"

#: modules/video_filter/motionblur.c:57
msgid "Motion blur filter"
msgstr "Motion blur filter"

#. * Module descriptor
#: modules/video_filter/transform.c:54
msgid "transform type"
msgstr "transform type"

#: modules/video_filter/transform.c:55
msgid "One of '90', '180', '270', 'hflip' and 'vflip'"
msgstr "Een van '90', '180', '270', 'hflip' en 'vflip'"

#: modules/video_filter/transform.c:63
msgid "image transformation module"
msgstr "image transformatie module"

#. * Module descriptor
#: modules/video_filter/wall.c:50
msgid "number of columns"
msgstr "aantal kolommen"

#: modules/video_filter/wall.c:51
msgid ""
"Select the number of horizontal videowindows in which to split the  
msgstr ""
"Selecteer het aantal horizontale videoschermen waarin de video  
verdeeld moet worden."

#: modules/video_filter/wall.c:54
msgid "number of rows"
msgstr "aantal rijen"

#: modules/video_filter/wall.c:55
msgid "Select the number of vertical videowindows in which to split the  
msgstr "Selecteer het aantal vertikale videoschermen waarin de video  
verdeeld moet worden"

#: modules/video_filter/wall.c:58
msgid "active windows"
msgstr "actief scherm"

#: modules/video_filter/wall.c:59
msgid "comma separated list of active windows, defaults to all"
msgstr "lijst met active schermen (door komma's gesheiden). Standaard  
is alles "

#: modules/video_filter/wall.c:67
msgid "image wall video module"
msgstr "image muur video module"

#: modules/video_output/aa.c:55
msgid "ASCII-art video output module"
msgstr "ASCII-art video output module"

#. * Module descriptor
#: modules/video_output/directx/directx.c:91
msgid "use hardware YUV->RGB conversions"
msgstr "gebruik hardware YUV->RGB conversie"

#: modules/video_output/directx/directx.c:93
msgid ""
"Try to use hardware acceleration for YUV->RGB conversions. This option  
"doesn't have any effect when using overlays."
msgstr ""
"Probeer hardware acceleratie voor YUV->RGB conversies te gebruiken.  
Deze "
"optie heeft geen effect als overlays gebruikt worden."

#: modules/video_output/directx/directx.c:95
msgid "use video buffers in system memory"
msgstr "gebruik video buffers in systeem geheugen"

#: modules/video_output/directx/directx.c:97
msgid ""
"Create video buffers in system memory instead of video memory. This  
isn't "
"recommended as usually using video memory allows to benefit from more "
"hardware acceleration (like rescaling or YUV->RGB conversions). This  
option "
"doesn't have any effect when using overlays."
msgstr ""
"Gebruik video buffers in systeem geheugen in plaats van het geheugen  
op de "
"video kaart. Deze optie wordt niet aanbevolen, daar systeem geheugen  
trager "
"is dan het speciale video geheugen op de grafische kaart. De optie  
heeft "
"geen effect als overlays gebruikt worden."

#: modules/video_output/directx/directx.c:101
#, fuzzy
msgid "specify an existing window"
msgstr "specificeer een bestaand scherm"

#: modules/video_output/directx/directx.c:103
msgid ""
"Specify a window to use instead of opening a new one. This option is "
"DANGEROUS, use with care."
msgstr ""
"Specificeer een scherm om te gebruiken in plaats van telkens weer een  
nieuwe "
"te openen. Deze optie is GEVAARLIJK, gebruik dit alleen met grote "

#: modules/video_output/directx/directx.c:111
#, fuzzy
msgid "DirectX video module"
msgstr "DirecX video module"

#: modules/video_output/fb.c:69
msgid "framebuffer device"
msgstr "framebuffer apparaat"

#: modules/video_output/fb.c:70
msgid "Linux console framebuffer module"
msgstr "Linux console framebuffer module"

#. * Module descriptor
#: modules/video_output/ggi.c:56 modules/video_output/mga/xmga.c:98
#: modules/video_output/x11/x11.c:52  
msgid "X11 display name"
msgstr "X11 scherm naam"

#: modules/video_output/ggi.c:57
msgid ""
"Specify the X11 hardware display you want to use.\n"
"By default vlc will use the value of the DISPLAY environment variable."
msgstr ""
"Specificeer de X11 hardware scherm dat je wilt gebruiken.\n"
"Standaard zal vlc de waarde uit de DISPLAY omgevings variable  

#: modules/video_output/glide.c:64
msgid "3dfx Glide module"
msgstr "3dfx Glide module"

#: modules/video_output/mga/mga.c:59
msgid "Matrox Graphic Array video module"
msgstr "Matrox Graphic Array video module"

#. * Module descriptor
#: modules/video_output/mga/xmga.c:89  
#: modules/video_output/x11/x11.c:43  
msgid "alternate fullscreen method"
msgstr "alternatief volledig scherm methode"

#: modules/video_output/mga/xmga.c:91  
#: modules/video_output/x11/x11.c:45  
msgid ""
"There are two ways to make a fullscreen window, unfortunately each one  
has "
"its drawbacks.\n"
"1) Let the window manager handle your fullscreen window (default). But  
"things like taskbars will likely show on top of the video.\n"
"2) Completly bypass the window manager, but then nothing will be able  
to "
"show on top of the video."
msgstr ""
"Er zijn twee manieren om een volledig scherm te gebruiken. Jammer  
genoeg "
"hebben ze allebei hun problemen.\n"
"1) Laat de window manager het volledig scherm beheren (standaard).  
Echter "
"dingen zoals taskbars zullen waarschijnlijk bovenop de video te  
"2) Omzeil de window manager kompleet, echter dan zal er niks bovenop  
de "
"video te zien zijn."

#: modules/video_output/mga/xmga.c:100 modules/video_output/x11/x11.c:54
#: modules/video_output/x11/xvideo.c:60
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"Specify the X11 hardware display you want to use. By default vlc will  
use "
"the value of the DISPLAY environment variable."
msgstr ""
"Specificeer de X11 hardware scherm dat je wilt gebruiken.\n"
"Standaard zal vlc de waarde uit de DISPLAY omgevings variable  

#: modules/video_output/mga/xmga.c:107
msgid "X11 MGA module"
msgstr "X11 MGA module"

#: modules/video_output/qte/qte.cpp:88
#, fuzzy
msgid "QT Embedded display name"
msgstr "QT Embedded display namem"

#: modules/video_output/qte/qte.cpp:90
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"Specify the Qt Embedded hardware display you want to use. By default  
vlc "
"will use the value of the DISPLAY environment variable."
msgstr ""
"Specificeer het QT Embedded hardware scherm dat je wilt gebruiken.\n"
"Standaard zal vlc de waarde uit de DISPLAY omgevings variable  

#: modules/video_output/qte/qte.cpp:92
msgid "QT Embedded drawable"
msgstr "QT Embedded drawable"

#: modules/video_output/qte/qte.cpp:94
msgid ""
"Specify a QT Embedded drawable to use instead of opening a new window.  
This "
"option is DANGEROUS, use with care."
msgstr ""
"Specificeer een QT Embedded tekenmethode om te gebruiken voor het  
openen van "
"een nieuw scherm. Pas op deze optie is gevaarlijk, voorzichtig  

#.    add_category_hint( N_("QT Embedded"), NULL );
#.    add_string( "qte-display", "landscape", NULL, DISPLAY_TEXT,  
#.    add_bool( "qte-altfullscreen", 0, NULL, ALT_FS_TEXT,  
#.    add_integer( "qte-drawable", -1, NULL, NULL, NULL);  
#: modules/video_output/qte/qte.cpp:130
#, fuzzy
msgid "QT Embedded module"
msgstr "QT Embedded module"

#: modules/video_output/sdl.c:104
msgid "Simple DirectMedia Layer video module"
msgstr "Simple DirectMedia Layer video module"

#: modules/video_output/svgalib.c:53
msgid "SVGAlib module"
msgstr "SVGAlib module"

#: modules/video_output/x11/x11.c:57  
msgid "X11 drawable"
msgstr "X11 drawable"

#: modules/video_output/x11/x11.c:59  
msgid ""
"Specify a X11 drawable to use instead of opening a new window. This  
option "
"is DANGEROUS, use with care."
msgstr ""
"Specificeer een X11 tekenmethode om te gebruiken in plaats van het  
openen "
"van een nieuw scherm. Voorzichtigheid is geboden bij het gebruiken van  
deze "

#: modules/video_output/x11/x11.c:62  
msgid "use shared memory"
msgstr "gebruik gedeeld geheugen"

#: modules/video_output/x11/x11.c:64  
msgid "Use shared memory to communicate between vlc and the X server."
msgstr "Gebruik gedeeld geheugen voor het communiceren tussen vlc en de  
"X server"

#: modules/video_output/x11/x11.c:67
msgid "X11"
msgstr "X11"

#: modules/video_output/x11/x11.c:74
msgid "X11 module"
msgstr "X11 module"

#. * Module descriptor
#: modules/video_output/x11/xvideo.c:44
msgid "XVideo adaptor number"
msgstr "XVideo adaptor nummer"

#: modules/video_output/x11/xvideo.c:46
msgid ""
"If you graphics card provides several adaptors, this option allows you  
to "
"choose which one will be used (you shouldn't have to change this)."
msgstr ""
"Indien de grafische kaart meedere adaptors (uitgangen) biedt, dan zal  
deze "
"optie het mogelijk maken om er een te kiezen."

#: modules/video_output/x11/xvideo.c:63
msgid "XVimage chroma format"
msgstr "XVimage chroma formaat"

#: modules/video_output/x11/xvideo.c:65
msgid ""
"Force the XVideo renderer to use a specific chroma format instead of  
trying "
"to improve performances by using the most efficient one."
msgstr ""
"Forceer de XVideo renderer om een specifiek chroma formaat te  
gebruiken in "
"plaats van de snelste en meest efficiente te gebruiken."

#: modules/video_output/x11/xvideo.c:78
#, fuzzy
msgid "XVideo"
msgstr "XVideo"

#: modules/video_output/x11/xvideo.c:87
msgid "XVideo extension module"
msgstr "XVideo extensie module"

#: modules/visualization/scope/scope.c:67
msgid "scope effect"
msgstr "scope effect"

#. * Module descriptor
#: modules/visualization/xosd/xosd.c:61
#, fuzzy
msgid "flip vertical position"
msgstr "roteer vertikaal"

#: modules/visualization/xosd/xosd.c:62
msgid "Display xosd output on the bottom of the screen instead of the  
msgstr "Toon xosd uitvoer beneden in het scherm in plaats van bovenaan"

#: modules/visualization/xosd/xosd.c:65
#, fuzzy
msgid "vertical offset"
msgstr "vertikale offset"

#: modules/visualization/xosd/xosd.c:66
msgid "Vertical offset in pixels of the displayed text"
msgstr "Vertikale offset in pixels van de getoonde tekst"

#: modules/visualization/xosd/xosd.c:68
msgid "shadow offset"
msgstr "schaduw offset"

#: modules/visualization/xosd/xosd.c:69
msgid "Offset in pixels of the shadow"
msgstr "Offset in pixels van de schaduw"

#: modules/visualization/xosd/xosd.c:71
msgid "font"
msgstr "lettertype"

#: modules/visualization/xosd/xosd.c:72
msgid "Font used to display text in the xosd output"
msgstr "Gebruik dit lettertype voor tekst in xosd uitvoer"

#: modules/visualization/xosd/xosd.c:75
#, fuzzy
msgid "XOSD module"
msgstr "XOSD module"

#: modules/visualization/xosd/xosd.c:82
#, fuzzy
msgid "xosd interface module"
msgstr "xosd interface module"

#, fuzzy
#~ msgid "About vlc"
#~ msgstr "Over vlc"

#, fuzzy
#~ msgid "Softer"
#~ msgstr "Langzmer"

#, fuzzy
#~ msgid "RTP access module"
#~ msgstr "RTP access module"

#~ msgid "MacOS X interface, sound and video module"
#~ msgstr "MacOS X interface, sound en video module"

#~ msgid "Usage: %s [options] [parameters] [file]...\n"
#~ msgstr "Gebruik: %s [opties] [parameters] [file] ...\n"

#, fuzzy
#~ msgid ""
#~ "%s module options:\n"
#~ "\n"
#~ msgstr "%s module opties:\n\n"

#, fuzzy
#~ msgid ""
#~ "This allows you to select the MPEG audio decoder you want to use.  
Common "
#~ "choices are builtin and mad."
#~ msgstr ""
#~ "Deze optie selecteert de te gebruiken MPEG audio decoder.  
Gebruikelijke "
#~ "keuzes zijn builtin en mad."

#, fuzzy
#~ msgid ""
#~ "This allows you to select the AC3/A52 audio decoder you want to  
use. "
#~ "Common choices are builtin and a52."
#~ msgstr ""
#~ "Deze optie selecteert de audio output methode, die gebruikt wordt  
door "
#~ "vlc.\n"
#~ "Noot: Standaard wordt automatisch de best beschikbare methode  

#, fuzzy
#~ msgid "print build information"
#~ msgstr "print versie informatie"

#~ msgid "[dvdread:][device][@[title][,[chapter][,angle]]]"
#~ msgstr "[dvdread:][device][@[titel][,[hoofdstuk][,hoek]]]"

#~ msgid "Open Disc"
#~ msgstr "Open Disk"

#, fuzzy
#~ msgid "Open Quickly..."
#~ msgstr "_Open Bestand..."

#, fuzzy
#~ msgid "Network mode"
#~ msgstr "Netwerk"

#, fuzzy
#~ msgid "Open Quickly"
#~ msgstr "Open een bestand"

#, fuzzy
#~ msgid ""
#~ "Specify the mad audio downscale routine you want to use. By default  
the "
#~ "mad plugin will use the fastest routine."
#~ msgstr ""
#~ "Specificeer de X11 hardware scherm dat je wilt gebruiken.\n"
#~ "Standaard zal vlc de waarde uit de DISPLAY omgevings variable  

#~ msgid "Transponder settings"
#~ msgstr "Transponder instellingen"

#~ msgid "Device name:"
#~ msgstr "Apparaat naam:"

#~ msgid "Network Stream"
#~ msgstr "Netwerk Stream"

#~ msgid "Broadcast"
#~ msgstr "Broadcast"

#~ msgid "Open Satellite Card"
#~ msgstr "Open Sateliet kaart"

#~ msgid "disable hardware acceleration for the video output"
#~ msgstr "schakel hardware versnelling voor video output uit."

#~ msgid "output statistics"
#~ msgstr "statistieken"

#~ msgid ""
#~ "Enabling the stats mode will flood your log console with various "
#~ "statistics messages."
#~ msgstr ""
#~ "De statistiek mode genereert verschillende statistische  
boodschappen op "
#~ "het scherm. "

#~ msgid "warning level (or use -v, -vv, etc...)"
#~ msgstr "waarschuwings niveau (of gebruik -v, -vv, etc...)"

#~ msgid ""
#~ "Increasing the warning level will allow you to see more debug  
messages "
#~ "and can sometimes help you to troubleshoot a problem."
#~ msgstr ""
#~ "Het verhogen van het waarschuwings niveau toont meer debug  
boodschappen "
#~ "enkan soms helpen het probleem op te lossen."

#, fuzzy
#~ msgid ""
#~ "This option allows you to select the video filter module that vlc  
will "
#~ "use.\n"
#~ "Note that by default no video filter is used."
#~ msgstr ""
#~ "Selecteer de video output methode die vlc gebruikt.\n"
#~ "Noot: Standaard wordt automatisch de best beschikbare methode  

#, fuzzy
#~ msgid ""
#~ "This option allows you to set the VCD device that vlc will try to  
use by "
#~ "default."
#~ msgstr ""
#~ "Stel het standaard zoekpad in waar de interface naar bestanden moet  
#~ "zoeken."

#~ msgid "Channel server:"
#~ msgstr "Kanaal server:"

#~ msgid "port:"
#~ msgstr "poort:"

#~ msgid "Port of the stream server"
#~ msgstr "Poort van de stream server"

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