[vlc-devel] Re: Build of VLC snapshot-20030116 fails usin SUN studio7 cc

Sam Hocevar sam at zoy.org
Fri Jan 17 00:34:22 CET 2003

On Fri, Jan 17, 2003, Lars Tunkrans wrote:
> Sorry if this is getting boring but I wanted these
> initial test reports off to you guys tonight.
> SUN cc  complains about GNU C compiler directive.

   Yes, but it's only a warning. The error is because the Makefile does
not provide an output name to the compilation directive:

> /opt/SUNWspro/bin/cc -c -DLOCALEDIR=\"/usr/local/share/locale\" 
> -DLOCALE_ALIAS_PATH=\"/usr/local/share/locale\" -DLIBDIR=\"/usr/local/lib\" 
> -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -I.. -I. -I../intl -DSYS_SOLARIS -xarch=v8plusa 
> -finline-limit-30000 -pipe  intl-compat.c
> cc: Warning: illegal option -finline-limit-30000
> usage: cc [ options] files.  Use 'cc -flags' for details

   Looks like most of the commandline got chomped here. Maybe it's an
automake bug, I'll investigate.

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