[vlc-devel] Re: [RFC] E-learning with VideoLAN

Florian G. Pflug fgp at phlo.org
Sat Jan 18 20:07:02 CET 2003

On Wed, Jan 15, 2003 at 09:34:00PM +0100, Alexis de Lattre wrote:
> On Wed, Jan 08, 2003, Florian G. Pflug wrote :
> > .) I agree with you that the "presentation-viewer-local" method is probably
> > the best. By I kind of dislike the idea of such a system being built around
> > two proprietary file formats, namely PowerPoint and OpenOffice.
> Why do you say that OpenOffice file format is prorietary ? I may be
> wrong, but, in my mind, OpenOffice file format is open and documented (see
> http://xml.openoffice.org/general.html).

sorry, proprietary was probably the wrong word. I should rather have said
"application specific".

I just felt that using an application independent file format like svg would
have advantages (like being able to choose between different viewers rather
than having to stick with the rather large openoffice suite)

greetings, Florian Pflug
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