[vlc-devel] input error: stream(1,0x161) not supported

Daniel Nofftz nofftz at castor.Uni-Trier.DE
Sun Jan 26 19:42:54 CET 2003


i got the message several times in the last few weeks with
several different files. output to shell is (using vlc 0.4.6):

input error: stream(1,0x161) not supported
input init: AVIH: 2 stream, flags  HAS_INDEX
input init: video(DIV3) 512x384 24bpp 25,000000fps (size 0)
input init: unhanled stream 1
input init: no audio stream found !
libavcodec: CPU flags: mmx mmxext 3dnow

i think the "stream(1,0x161)" should be a audio codec. does someone has a
idea how to get this audio strem to play ? (it is a little bit boring to
view a video without audio :) )
any idea what kind of audio stream this is ?
is there any possibility that this tream will be supported in the near
futur ?
so .. .maybe you should see this as a "feature request" :)
plz cc me if you answer to this mail on the list, cause i am not a member
ob the list.


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