[vlc-devel] Re: Fix for apple's dual definition errors

Derk-Jan Hartman d.hartman at student.utwente.nl
Thu Jul 3 12:11:58 CEST 2003

On donderdag, jul 3, 2003, at 00:13 Europe/Amsterdam, John Michael 
Zorko wrote:
> DJ,
>> From the web ;)
>> Look it get's updates.
>>> 1.  Apple's linker is kind of strange, and the behavior has changed  
>>> between major versions, so some things that didn't generate 
>>> complaints  now do and vice versa - the complaints do not 
>>> necessarily indicate a  real problem that the compiler is saving you 
>>> from.  For example:   multiple definitions.  Anyway, the magic 
>>> incantation with the latest  version of the tools Apple ships is:  
>>> -multiply_defined  <error|warn|suppress>.  Default is error, but 
>>> suppressing them is  usually safe if you think it should be.  FWIW, 
>>> the other common bogus  compiler error tends to be cured with: 
>>> CFLAGS="-no-cpp-precomp", just  in case you or someone else run into 
>>> any other common mac problems.
>> sam, Meuuh, i'm sure one of you guys will know where to put this.
> Yes, but my toolchain did not change at all between VLC CVS from a 
> week ago (when 0.6.0 built on OSX) and VLC CVS now (which does not for 
> me).  I tend to think that I updated /usr/local incorrectly.  Can 
> someone please check to see if the link points to the correct stuff, 
> and then send me the link again?  I'm not sure if the one on the 
> website is the correct one?
> Regards,
> John

Your toolchain did not change, but the source did ;)
This is the correct path.
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