[vlc-devel] Re: RTSP request of an aminocom STB

johnny turpin jturpin at minervanetworks.com
Thu Jul 3 23:34:39 CEST 2003

Wow - I have not been paying attention to the VLC group lately - I asked a
while back if VLC was going to support RTSP, but got no response.

Anyway, I am a middleware developer for IP STB's - and the amino STB is one
of our platforms - I have done some pretty extensive testing with the Amino
STB on both Ncube and Kasenna (Mediabase) video servers.

So what is the goal of VLC in regards to RTSP?

Do you want to support the top commercial IP based video servers (Ncube and

There are some difficulties which are not immediately obvious. First of all
Ncube has several different implementations of RTSP that they use depending
on which version of the software is running on the video server - and these
are not compatible with each other. Also, the Kasenna version of RTSP is not
compatible with either of the Ncube versions. It is a mess out there.

> We made some dumps of a RTSP 'SETUP' request made by an aminocom STB...
> I think it can be interesting for the developers of RTSP on VideoLAN.
> For this, we typed the following URL in the web navigator of the STB:
> rtsp://server.exemple.com/film1
> and dumped the request with "nc" on server.exemple.com (the request is
> made by TCP on port 554).
> * If the STB is configured to talk to an 'Ncube' server :
> SETUP rtsp:/film1 RTSP/1.0
> CSeq: 1
> Transport: 
> MP2T/H2221/UDP;unicast;destination=;client_port=11111
> x-mayNotify:
> x-playNow:
> * If the STB is configured to talk to a 'Mediabase' server :
> SETUP rtsp:/film1 RTSP/1.0
> CSeq: 1
> Transport: RAW/RAW/UDP;unicast;destination=;client_port=11111
> x-mayNotify:
> x-playNow:
> We couldn't dump the other requests because we haven't been able so far
> to generate a good answer. But we saw a 'teardown' request when we tried
> to make an answer (it was with the 'ncube' setting) :
> TEARDOWN rtsp:/film1 RTSP/1.0
> CSeq: 2
> Session:  PscfefH3Iji5
> We haven't made some tests with VLRS yet. I'll post more info as we go
> deeper into this issue.

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