[vlc-devel] Re: CVS Commit (hartman)

Derk-Jan Hartman d.hartman at student.utwente.nl
Thu Jul 10 03:56:54 CEST 2003


First of all, the snapshot generation seems to be broken, last snapshot 
is from 24th of june.

Now the real stuff. Our versioning scheme is unfortunately incompatible 
with Gentoo's
Currently when creating dist we simply do this.

         mv $(distdir)/vlc.ebuild $(distdir)/vlc-${VERSION}.ebuild
However this is incorrect since we can have version contain -test2 or 
-cvs. Gentoo's ebuild naming scheme does not allow this.

I would like to change this to:
if ${VERSION} contains "-cvs" then substitute "-cvs" with 
"_pre20030710" (so use date of dist creation).
if ${VERSION} contains "-test" then substitute "-test" with "_rc".
mv $(distdir)/vlc.ebuild $(distdir)/vlc-${VERSION}.ebuild

This would generate correctly named ebuilds, though not yet working. 
For that something else needs to be done.
In the ebuild, I have a variable ${PV} ==  0.6.1_cvs20030710
I would like to parse this variable to set the different 

no _something extension  -->  release /pub/vlc/0.6.1/vlc-0.6.1.tar.bz2
_cvsdate extension  -->  snapshot 
_test# extension -> /pub/testing/vlc-0.6.1-test#.tar.bz2

Is this feasible? Does anyone have any ideas on how to do that? I'm not 
sure how I have to parse and edit those variables. It would be really 
cool this way and simplify maintenance and testing of the ebuild a lot.


On donderdag, jul 10, 2003, at 02:47 Europe/Amsterdam, cvs at videolan.org 
> Update of /var/cvs/videolan/vlc
> Modified Files:
> 	vlc.ebuild
> Log Message:
> * fixed glide header detection
> * added matroska, dvb and pvr USE vars.
> * enabled support for flac.
> * removed libdv support since it's deprecated
> * enabled freetype support if USE=truetype
> * enabled satellite support if USE=dvb
> * added local USE variable pvr to compile with pvr support
> * added local USE variable matroska to compile with experimental 
> matroska
>   support/ebuilds. See also 
> http://forums.gentoo.org/viewtopic.php?t=63722&highlight=matroska.
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