[vlc-devel] Re: SVG rendering

Sigmund Augdal Sigmund.Augdal at idi.ntnu.no
Tue Jul 22 23:01:24 CEST 2003

Without having tested this yet, I whould still like to say great work. I
have a few questions/suggestions though.

1: How whould these features be used? Can you give an example? SVG is as far
as I know using xml and xml does in my experience usually means quite a lot
of text, so I fear really big string constants in the code.

2: SVG is said to be similar to flash, and flash usually involves some
interaction. How is this handled?

3: the ShowString functions are meant to be used to show strings. Whouldn't
it be better to replicate the changes I made for the showstrings functions,
and make a showSVG or something? These changes was really minimal.

4: How large parts of gnome do librsvg depend on? is there a slight
possibility that it can be used on windows/macos/beos?

> The use of the text rendering architecture makes some parameters in the
> new interface useless (text style, flags and margins). They are ignored
> for the moment, but I could find some use for them (for instance, the
> SVG is rendered at the same size as the video output. We could do it at
> the SVG native size). 

The text style is still ignored by the textrenderers as well. :)

Sigmund Augdal
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