[vlc-devel] creating input options

rocky at panix.com rocky at panix.com
Tue Jul 22 23:15:44 CEST 2003

I'd like to add an option to a VCD input plugin. Looking at other code
in src/libvlc.h and modules/video_output/x11/x11.c I see the 
add_category_hint add_{string,bool,integer} routines.  What is
add_subcategory_hint and is it used anywhere? 

I haven't been able to get add_category_hint add anything to
Settings/Preferences. Here's what I tried

In vcd.c
#define DEBUG_TEXT N_("set debug mask for additional debugging.")
#define DEBUG_LONGTEXT N_( \
    "This integer when viewed in binary is a debugging mask" \
    "to be completed....")

    set_description( _("Video CD (VCD 1.0, 1.1, 2.0, SVCD, HQVCD) input") );
    add_usage_hint( N_("vcd:[device-or-file][@{P,S,T}num]") );
    add_category_hint( N_("VCD"), NULL, VLC_TRUE );
    add_integer ( "vcd-debug", 0, NULL, DEBUG_TEXT, DEBUG_LONGTEXT, VLC_TRUE );
    set_capability( "access", 80 );
    set_callbacks( VCDOpen, VCDClose );
    add_shortcut( "vcdx" );

I've also changed "VCD" above to "Input", and "X11" (since these
already exist) and still nothing. What am I doing wrong? 

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