[vlc-devel] Re: PTS is out of range (), dropping buffer, late picture skipped

Bart Kerver bart.kerver at surfnet.nl
Thu Jul 24 09:50:51 CEST 2003


> This could be, because when the servers (vlc- streamer) computer is 
> waiting too fill up it packets (because of a huge MTU) the client 
> (decoder) advances in time. The streamer takes too long to fill up the 
> sendings packets and won't send them in time for the clients decoder to 
> decode them.
> Setting the MTU to a lesser value should not show this problem  If the 
> problem then still persists then the first problem is more evident.

The server is not ours, the stream is casted through IBM Videocharger as 
I remember. I think your labs is connected to SURFnet, so you might be 
able to watch the stream (multicast).


Since the stream can be viewed with CiscoIPTV, Kasenna eg I think the 
stream is correct, but has something to do with what Gildas wrote 
"streams where the MPEG-TS packets are not aligned on the beginning of 
the UDP packets", weird however that other players show the stream 

I tried a reference MPEG2 multicasted with our Cisco IPTV and IBM 
VideoCharger, but videolan can not show these streams either (with 
regular MTU), whereas fe. Amino STB is fine.

Best regards,

Bart Kerver

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