[vlc-devel] CVS Commit (gbazin)

cvs at videolan.org cvs at videolan.org
Wed Jun 11 00:42:59 CEST 2003

Update of /var/cvs/videolan/vlc/modules/packetizer
Modified Files:

Update of /var/cvs/videolan/vlc/modules/mux/mpeg
Modified Files:
	pes.c ts.c 

Log Message:

* modules/packetizer/mpegvideo.c, modules/mux/mpeg/*: fixed the dts/pts calculation in the mpegvideo packetizer. It should now handle streams where all the pictures don't have the same duration (eg. 3:2 pulldown). We don't calculate anymore the pts for every frame as it is impossible to do so for non low-delay streams.

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