[vlc-devel] Re: CVS Commit (gbazin)

Derk-Jan Hartman d.hartman at student.utwente.nl
Sun Jun 15 15:52:50 CEST 2003

Whenever i hit the end of a divx file i get:

[00000101] main module debug: unlocking module "mpeg_audio"
[00000153] macosx interface debug: stream has changed, refreshing 
[00000154] avi input warning: cannot skip packet, track disabled
[00000154] main input debug: unselecting ES 0x1
get_buffer() failed (-1 1073741824 2 0x0)
Bus error

Thread 6 Crashed:
  #0   0x0015e5a0 in put_pixels16_altivec (dsputil_altivec.c:685)
  #1   0x0008c548 in mpeg_motion (mpegvideo.c:1832)
  #2   0x0008ae48 in MPV_motion (mpegvideo.c:2182)
  #3   0x00084aec in MPV_decode_mb (mpegvideo.c:2396)
  #4   0x00151e88 in decode_slice (h263dec.c:211)
  #5   0x00151930 in ff_h263_decode_frame (h263dec.c:629)
  #6   0x00081a34 in avcodec_decode_video (utils.c:367)
  #7   0x00060aac in DecodeThread_Video__ffmpeg (video.c:569)
  #8   0x00060288 in RunDecoder (ffmpeg.c:279)
  #9   0x90020d48 in _pthread_body

It also occurs a lot when there isn't enough CPU power and when i'm 
It is this bug: 

I'm thinking our feeding of buffers/pictures to ffmpeg isn't that 


On zaterdag, jun 14, 2003, at 17:43 Europe/Amsterdam, cvs at videolan.org 

> Update of /var/cvs/videolan/vlc/modules/codec/ffmpeg
> Modified Files:
> 	ffmpeg.c video.c
> Log Message:
> * modules/codec/ffmpeg/*: fix for ffmpeg direct rendering. Direct 
> rendering is now
> enabled by default.
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