[vlc-devel] Re: Anyone come across video-player browser plugins for OSX ?

Derk-Jan Hartman d.hartman at student.utwente.nl
Mon Mar 3 19:59:47 CET 2003

On vrijdag, feb 28, 2003, at 20:57 Europe/Amsterdam, Mark Whittemore  
> Anyone come across video-player browser plugins for OSX  ?
> Just curious. Looking to design a Cocoa based Browser Plugin for OS X.  
> Wanted to consult with anyone who has experience similar. Hope this  
> does not come across as spam.
> kwhittem at nycap.rr.com

As far as i know only Omniweb can accept Cocoa plugins (and not very  
well either) All the other browsers require Carbon plugins.
We have a Videolan mozilla plugin, but currently it only works on linux  
i believe. Maybe Windows too, certainly not on OSX.

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