[vlc-devel] Problem of IPv6 multicast membership management in VLC

Zheng Jianping zjp at iscas.ac.cn
Tue Mar 11 15:03:10 CET 2003


I am using VLC (ver 0.4.2) to receive program from an IPV6 UDP multicast channel (ff05::1234). VLC can join the multicast group correctly and receive multicast data from ff05::1234. But when 'Stop' button is clicked or even exit VLC, the host can still receive multicast data (get by tcpdump).  It seems that the VLC doesn't  leave the group ff05::1234.

Is this a bug ?

Zheng Jianping

Multimedia Communication & Network Engneering Research Center
Institute of Software, Chiese Academy of Sciences

Email: zjp at iscas.ac.cn
Tel:     6255,5523
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