[vlc-devel] Re: Vlc for mac

Loïc Minier lool at via.ecp.fr
Wed Mar 19 10:52:35 CET 2003

Guido Bertoli <guido.bertoli at fastwebnet.it> - Tue, Mar 18, 2003:

> I am trying to access a tv network ~(streaming tele+)
> Using vlc for mac os x.
> When I put the ip address and the port and I click on play, nothing!
> I guess if I need any plugin or special codec to download.

   Did you setup a server? Does it send data? Do you receive network

   Please consider using <vlc at videolan.org> for your questions instead
 of this developers mailing-list.

    Thank you, have a nice day,

Loïc Minier <lool at via.ecp.fr>
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