[vlc-devel] Ask:Mozilla plugin for Redhat Linux8.0?

zhhehb zhhehb at 263.net
Thu Mar 20 15:35:23 CET 2003

Hello,vlc devel:
I try to install mozilla plugin of vlc0.5.2 in Redhat linux 8.0 through the source.
After I use these commands ./configure --enable-mozilla, make,make install to setup, it is seemly no problem.
but I find that in /usr/lib/mozilla-version/plugin/ directory, mozilla plugin was not existed.  
and in the mozilla brower, vlc can not appear.

I find in Redhat Linux 8.0, the mozilla's version is 1.0.1, lower than 1.3a. Maybe is it this problem? 
I use command(rpm -e) to uninstall mozilla.1.0.1,but it is failed.

thank you.  
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