[vlc-devel] Re: vlc and libcdio - preliminary results

Derk-Jan Hartman d.hartman at student.utwente.nl
Mon May 26 06:12:31 CEST 2003

On maandag, mei 26, 2003, at 06:00 Europe/Amsterdam, rocky at panix.com  
> I've been curious at how difficult it would be to get the Video CD
> support that I have in my xine plugin into vlc. (The xine "vcdx"
> plugin supports playback control, still frames and even has some Nero
> disk image reading, although this last is pretty flaky.)
> So as a first step, I tried today including the CD reading routines
> from libcdio. Overall I am impressed at how simple and clean the vlc
> code is. I am also impressed at how easy it was to just pare down
> cdrom.c and cdrom.h and replace large chunks of code (for disk image
> reading and OS-specific code) with a single call.
> cdrom.c went from something like 1218 lines to 151 lines, and the
> other files reduced in complexity and size as well, although not as
> dramatically.
> Admittedly the lines removed are somewhere else - in particular in
> libcdio - and right now libcdio doesn't support OSX or MSC CD reading,
> but that just lets one focus on the vlc things in vlc and CD reading
> stuff somewhere else. libcdio can be separately tested and comes with
> regression tests.
> And should one want to write a CD-DA module (as I have for xine), the
> support for the reading part is already in libcdio; there is a lot
> of common code that would get reused.

someone just added a raw cdda module.
It works on all platforms.

> For the curious, at the end is entire tarball for the vcd directory
> (only 6.5K compressed). To compile you need to install libcdio:
> http://savannah.nongnu.org/download/libcdio/libcdio.pkg/0.6/libcdio- 
> 0.6.tar.gz
> I added -lcdio to the LD_LIBS flags for vcd.
> More interesting would be to put vcdimager routines in vcd.c and
> replace some of that code. Here, I don't think the difference is going
> to be as dramatic as much because although some things will get
> replaced there is probably a bit of additional code in adding
> navigation and still-frame handling that just isn't currently there.
> But for right now, I'm curious as to what interest there is in this..

interest always, but i think that for such a function platform  
independence is a requirement.
But i'm not the person to answer your questions ;) just saw your mail  
and wanted to inform you of our cdda module.


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