[vlc-devel] Re: vlc and libcdio - preliminary results

Sigmund Augdal sigmunau at stud.ntnu.no
Mon May 26 10:00:00 CEST 2003

> I hope vlc doesn't repeat what I think are mistakes xine made. Soon
> after cdda was initially checked in (by copying code from vcd.c rather
> than using routines from cdrom.c this as a subroutine as is done here
> -- so already vlc comes out ahead) someone put in inline CDDB
> code. And then someone added some invented (yet another?) CD-DA over
> network.
The cdda module in vlc is in part there because I was very dissapointed by
how xine and xmms handled this. (Although i didn't end up writing any code).
Vlc is very modular and the natural thing to do if one wants cddb support is
is to add this as a separate module (that runs in a separate thread). This
way cddb support can be removed from a binary distribution without the need
for a recompile (given that vlc isn't configured with --disable-plugins). Is
this good enough separation for you?

> Should it be desired to add CDDB support to the CD-DA plugin, I
> suggest using the wonderful libcddb library
> http://libcddb.sourceforge.net.

I'll sure have a look at this.

>  > interest always, but i think that for such a function platform  
>  > independence is a requirement.
> I'm lost to what you are getting at here. The whole point of libcdio
> is that *it* handle the OS and drive specific stuff so it doesn't have
> to in vlc. A good organization I would think would be to have OS
> and/or drive specific code (libcdio) in one place/library, plugin
> independent code for that particular format (e.g. CD-DA routines and
> Video CD routines independent say of vlc, xine, mplayer, etc.) in
> another place/library and finally the parts that are needed for the
> specific media player. CD-DA is generally so simple - single tracks
> that much to put in a layer. For unsophisticated Video CD usage one can
> treat it like CD-DA
Off course this is the good thing to do, but if you want to reach that goal
you should start by making the library work on the needed platforms, then
ditch the code in the player. My suggestion whould be that you start by
moving code from vlc to libcdio and then integrates libcdio into vlc. 

Otherwise keep up the good work!

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