[vlc-devel] Re: vlc and libcdio - preliminary results

R. Bernstein rocky at panix.com
Mon May 26 17:33:00 CEST 2003

Gildas Bazin writes:
 > It would be nice indeed to use a vcd navigation library. Does vcdimager
 > provide that ?

Starting with vcdimager 0.7.13 an information retrieval library
(libvcdinfo) was created. However this does not handle navigation. But
in my xine VCD plugin I was careful to separate the xine-specific
portion from the VCD player independent (including navigation)
part. There are two files in the xine plugin called vcdplayer.c and
now for historical reasons vcdio.c, and both of these know nothing of
xine. (Well, almost nothing: xine requires that a read of a still
frame return after a finite period of time which makes handling
timeouts a bit complicated.)

So things are still new that there is no "library" per say for
that. Hey, I've *already* added two or three additional libraries:
libvcdinfo, libcdio. There is an organization that would support a
navigation library and part of working on VCD on vlc would be to
crystalize what would be needed for such a player-independant VCD
player part.

 > if you are interested in working on a new vcd input for vlc (using 
 > libcdio
 > and with better navigation support) then we can certainly create a new 
 > vcd
 > plugin in the cvs tree.

Yes, that'd probably work. That's what has been done in xine. After a
little over a year, even though I think the work on xine is largely
complete, it still doesn't replace the default VCD (or CD-DA)
plugins. I've been asked in the past to make it the default, but I
I've resisted then because there was no FreeBSD support yet and code
migration into vcdimager isn't complete. (vcdimager release 0.7.20 is
planned to do that)

Derk-Jan Hartman writes:

 > How about svcd support? does libiocd handle that too? 

libcdio isn't supposed to handle higher-level interpretation of the
blocks. See above for the other libraries that are designed for that.

 > Cause at the moment, we don't have 100% SVCD support on OSX for instance. 

Okay, you work on OSX support for libcdio and I'll work on SVCD for vlc. ;-)

 > If it 
 > handles SVCD's too, then that would be really great.

It handles SVCD, HQVCD, CVD and even VCD 1.1 support that's not in
vlc. Check it out on:


The TODO list in the xine-plugin gives what's not been done which not
surprisingly includes some of the same things not handled by
vcdimager. Some of the player things that aren't handled like autowait
(interrupt playing after n seconds) however are a bit difficult to do
and would require probably more coordination support than either xine
or vlc currently has.
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