[vlc-devel] Re: ff / rew based on time ...

John Michael Zorko j.zorko at att.net
Mon May 26 19:18:17 CEST 2003


> Just send it to the list, or send a link to a download location (even 
> better).

OK -- here is the diff:  http://darwinarts.com/~zorko/vlc/diffs_ff_rew_1

Basically, this is what it is:

1. additions in rc intf for ff_ts and rew_ts (time-based ff / rew)
2. additions in input_thread_t for pf_setdemuxoptions
3. mpeg audio demux module extended to implement pf_setdemuxoptions

I've only Macs at home, so I can only test it on Mac OSX 10.2.6, but 
i'll make sure it works on Linux (Red Hat 9) tomorrow when I go back to 
work.  Anyway, this is how to use it:

1. bring up VLC (open VLC.app)
2. set it's input (File | Network | UDP / RTP multicast, for 
3. bring up another VLC instance without the GUI (vlc --intf rc --sout 
4. add a rockin' mp3 (add stoneseggs.mp3)
5. test ff / rew (ff_ts, ff_ts, ff_ts, play, rew_ts, rew_ts, rew_ts, 
rew_ts, play) ... each time you use the ff_ts or rew_ts commands, it ff 
/ rewinds faster until the play command is sent again

There is an issue with seeking and wobbly audio -- i'm sending packets 
to the FIFO too fast I think, I will try to have this solved later 
today, though my priority right now is to use this same framework to 
reimplement frame-based seeking (Demux would get the off_t of the 
current frame / sequence header / etc. and send that to an input_Seek* 
method that would seek to another one).  BTW, this works with MPEG2 
video as well (as evidenced by my earlier time-based ff / rew 
implementation working for DVD VOBs as well as MP3s), I just didn't 
change that demux module yet.

I hope this is what you were expecting ... 'cuz this is what I was 
talking about :-)



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