[vlc-devel] Synchro. problem.

Igor Andruszkiewicz igor at tmm.pl
Mon Sep 8 10:41:13 CEST 2003


     I wrote app. which plays music and video with FADE IN/OUT
functionalty. But I have desync. (in video) problem when  I play music
and video together (or video (fade out) ==> video (fade in)). Could
sombody help me to find a source of this problem? 
    I have 2nd question. Why when video isn't synch. well with music VLC
is trying to inc. or dec. tempo in music? It looks like music is a slave
of video. I think video should be slave of music and when desyn. occur
video should drop frames. 

Thank you for any help.

Linux, esd, avi (xvid), mp3, libvlc 0.6
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