[vlc-devel] Please help with adding keyboard input to VCD plugin

R. Bernstein rocky at panix.com
Sun Sep 28 23:27:58 CEST 2003


I've been struggling to add keyboard input to the libcdio-enhanced VCD
plugin without any success. Following the dvdplay example, to have
keyboard input I need to not only to create a thread for the input but
create a demux'er to handle still frames. (Right now I just have the
read routine return a nop block when I hit a still).

I've tried to simplify things with less functionality in every way I
can think of all without any success - I've tried creating the input
thread from the access module (leaving aside the problem of handling
still frame timing). I've also tried just using a demuxer similar and
simpler than the dvdplay demuxer (leaving aside the problem of any
sort of keyboard input) and that crashed as well.

I'd appreciate some help. Perhaps someone could take the existing VCD
plugin and extend that so that it just prints out "click" when a key
is pressed. (It could be a particluar key, or any keys, or keys not
fielded by something else, I don't care).

Let me make a plea as to why having reputable VCD support is important,
at least to me. DVD's are "protected" by law by the DCMA and EUCD,
where as Video CD's are not. Of course CDs and VCDs are protected by
the usual copyright laws which allow for fair use and for the owner to
make personal backups and modify and author his own copies. 

However In order for VCD's to be a viable alternative to DVD's, there
have to be decent tools and players which includes computer
players. Athough a DVD can do more, the gap in function between the
the two is artificially weighted on the DVD side because players such
as vlc really don't implement as much of the full potential of a VCD
as much as it does say for a DVD where there is still frame handling,
menu selection, and subtitles supported.

Again, help in moving VCD support forward is appreciated.

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