[vlc-devel] Re: compilation for windows

Gildas Bazin gbazin at netcourrier.com
Mon Sep 29 19:22:22 CEST 2003

On Monday 29 September 2003 17:23, Lucas Gonze wrote:
> I'm in the process of getting a VLC build for Windows to work.  
> Conversation on the #vlc IRC channel gave me the impression that this 
> was done on Linux using mingw as a cross compiler.  But the mingw folk 
> are slightly incredulous that anybody would use it as a cross compiler 
> on Linux.
> So this post is to confirm that my impression was correct.  Was the 
> Windows build done on a Linux box using mingw as a cross compiler?

You can also do it on Windows with mingw or cygwin.

We choose to do it on linux for several reasons:
- most of us are Linux users (even most of the developers of the win32 
- the VLC build system uses makefiles and is quite complex so the build is a 
lot faster on linux then it is on windows (at least 3 times faster).
- we can have a unique build machine compiling several of the ports of VLC.
- security reasons (viruses, etc...)


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