[vlc-devel] vcd/svcd

Maik Diessner dandruff at gmx.de
Wed Aug 4 15:33:39 CEST 2004

seeking/searching vcd/svcd works now in the latest nightly.

but i get two error-messages at playback-start:

main error: no access_demux module matched "vcd"
freetype error: freetype-rel-font currenlty broken, FIXME

don't know, if this is critical. the svcd is playing fine.

but with one of my svcds i have a real problem: playback starts and after
some seconds the picture freezes. but the time-slider is moving on.

here the error-messages:

main error: decoder is leaking pictures, resetting the heap
main error: picture 01B1E608 refcount is -1
main error: picture to date 01B1E7D8 has invalid status 6
main error: picture to display 01B1E7D8 has invalid status 6
main error: picture 01B1E7D8 refcount is -1

maybe this is a bug!?!

windows xp sp1
vlc 0.7.3 with wxwindows [nightly build 03-08-2004]

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