[vlc-devel] PTZ control module for VLC

Daniel M. Lambea dmlambea at gmail.com
Mon Aug 23 12:30:02 CEST 2004


  I implemented a streaming server solution based on VLC for the Town
Hall of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. The software is working fine and we
are very happy with the solution.

  Recently we've decided to buy a new videocamera which will be
integrated into the vlc server. That camera is likely to be an AXIS
2130/2130R with Pan/Tilt/Zoom capabilities. Since (fortunately) Axis
is publishing their camera control API, we would like to be able to
control that camera using the VLC Media Player. A primary use case
describes a user viewing the image (using VLC) and controlling the
camera's position by clicking on the image itself.

  That behaviour is somehow easy to implement, but now the questions
come to my mind. What is the best approach to develop a controlling
PTZ module? I would like to give Videolan a PTZ module for this camera
in return, rather than hard-coding the PTZ functions inside our local
copy of VLC.

  I've read several documents from developers.videolan.org, but as a
newbie in your architecture it will take some time before I can design
a module correctly. May you point me in the right direction? What
should I base my code on? I've seen a Joystick Control module inside
VLC's sourcecode. Is it suitable to use that code as a skeleton for my

  Thanks in advance for your comments,

  Kind regards,
    Daniel M. Lambea

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