[vlc-devel] sound stops

Maik Diessner dandruff at gmx.de
Mon Aug 23 14:46:53 CEST 2004

sometimes (or better: most of the time) the sound stops after some minutes
(~8 minutes). after this happens, it is not possible to close vlc properly.
i have to kill it in the taskmanager.

happens with almost every movie. if i restart vlc and skip to the last
position (where the sound has stopped before), then vlc plays this section
fine. so it's not a corrupt file, i think. seems there's a bug/leak in vlc.

my audio-settings:

- win32waveout
- resample to 44100hz
- high-quality resampling
- no float32 output

vlc eats max. 5-10% cpu ...

windows xp sp2
vlc 0.7.3 with wxwindows [nightly build 21-08-2004]

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