[vlc-devel] solved: DVB audio problem using DVB card with hardware mpeg decoder (Hauppage WinTV DVB-S Nexus)

Damien Fouilleul damien.fouilleul at laposte.net
Wed Aug 25 13:13:06 CEST 2004

I've had a lot of problem getting vlc to work with my Hauppage WinTV 
DVB-S Nexus card, I could get video, but no audio although vlc ts 
demuxer detected both streams.

It eventually boiled down to missing PCR information, which prevented 
the audio stream to be synchronized with the video.

I found out from my reading that the Nexus card contains a hardware MPEG 
decoder (AV7710) which filters and modifies the MPEG elementary streams, 
one of such modification is the removal of the PCR time information.

in order to get sound to work, I've had to modify vlc ts_dvbpsi demux 
code to use any ES pts information as a clock reference.

this modification is quite ugly, and I don't think I would commit it as 
it stands, but I am willing to clean up a little if this was necessary.

One question though, is it possible for vlc to work without an external 
PCR, and use an internal PCR instead ?


Subversion daemon wrote:

>r8518 | fenrir | 2004-08-25 00:07:54 +0200 (Wed, 25 Aug 2004) | 3 lines
>Changed paths:
>   M /trunk/modules/access/dvb/access.c
>   M /trunk/modules/access/dvb/dvb.h
> * dvb: compilation fix. With great luck it may, perhaps, work in budget
>mode (else I still need to hack ts demuxer).

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