[vlc-devel] Multicast udp streaming from playlist - problems

Dermot McGahon dermot at dspsrv.com
Tue Aug 31 17:40:36 CEST 2004

Resending without attachments. Log files at:



I'm attaching a set of log files which will show some
problems that I am having using vlc as a multicast udp

In general, it works quite well.

The two main problems are:

(1)  Crashes after a period of time. This can vary from between
      forty minutes to four or five hours. The logs files with
      "crash" in the filename should hopefully shed some light on
      what happens just before the crash.

(2)  Using any method to change stream (n & p from the keyboard;
      console interface next and previous; web interface next and
      previous): there are *some* channels which cause jumpiness
      on channel change. Changing either to or away from these
      channels will cause a three or four second settling period.
      I will dump some of this content to disk and try and see what
      is unusual about it, but I am hoping that the log files
      might show up what is unusual.

The two live log files are where I tried a straight port of my
mplayer LIVE.COM Kasenna format RTSP changes to vlc. This is just
the initial attempt. I will debug further next week. Don't bother
looking at these unless you have a particular interest in Kasenna
LIVE.COM rtsp/mpeg2/udp (no rtp). Derk-Jan, maybe you might have
a look at these if you have the time.


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