[vlc-devel] RTSP trickplay support

Matthew Romaine Matthew.Romaine at jp.sony.com
Tue Dec 7 04:00:46 CET 2004

Jumping on the bandwagon of feature-requests,
the LiveMedia streaming library now has trickplay (ff/rw) support akin 
to a VCR.
I have my own incentives in getting this working on OSX, but wanted to 
know if anyone is working on integrating this into VLC before I try my 
own hand.

Well, to be honest I haven't touched the vlc code base in a few months 
so am wondering if someone has a moment to check it out :)

one point I would like confirmed:  under the Control menu, there's a 
"Faster/Slower" option that, at least on OSX when playing a wav file, 
silences the output (slider/counter still progress though...)  Clicking 
the "<</>>" buttons skip around the file, but in rather big jumps.  
Aren't these supposed to be the same thing essentially?  How do people 
want streaming-trickplay implemented?


On 2004/12/07, at 3:12, Sigmund Augdal wrote:

> VLC now has a proper api for service discovery modules, and this 
> feature
> just became much more relevant. I tried to play around with this code 
> a bit,
> but I don't find any relevant services on my network, so it will be 
> very
> hard for me to complete such a module all by my self.
> One thing I wonder about: the cyberlink c++ library file is 26mb. That 
> is
> huge! I also found "libupnp", it seems to do most the same things in 
> only
> 150kb, and it does not depend on xerces for xml.
> Sigmund

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