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madmax madmax at libertysurf.fr
Fri Dec 10 19:44:58 CET 2004


My problem did not had any answer... I really want somebody to help me.

My problem concerns the audio stream in VideoLAN :

I tried in the VLM to change the audio volume in one stream
(p_instance->p_input) => the input thread of the stream I want to cut the
sound, but as I was expected, with the aout_VolumeSet() function, the sound
is muted for all the streams, and not only one.
So I can't use aout_VolumeSet().

I implemented a "volume" command in the VLM for that, that can be used for another utilisation of VLC.

So is there a possibility to change the volume in only one stream (in input
will be ok, but in output will be better) in order to activate/deactivate
the sound using the VLM. If there is not, can I have clues on how to do

Exemple ;

I created 3 differents new video streams S1, S2, S3 with the VLM. I can listen to them with 3 vlc.
I want to cut the audio stream on only one video stream (S2 for example) but when I do that,
it stops the sound on the others (S1 & S3).

I am really waiting for your suggestion. Thanks.

Max & Hilal
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