[vlc-devel] supported file types

Sigmund Augdal sigmunau at stud.ntnu.no
Sun Dec 12 15:02:34 CET 2004

Currently there are quite a few lists of supported file types throughout
vlc. The mozilla plugin has 3 lists (nix, windows, os x), os x has something
like that for what to accept on drag'n drop, and users keep asking for
"filters" in the open dialog on windows/linux.

These lists are bound to get out of sync at various times causing some
component to not do what it's supposed to only because it lacks a line of
text somewhere that tells it that it can (example is mozilla plugin right
now can't play wav).

Would it be a good idea to keep a sentral file of supported formats and
generate all these others from that? The file could contain extention,
mime-type, category (audio/video/subtitle/playlist), descriptive name and 
perhaps required vlc module.

If it also contain information about which modules are required the file
could be filtered by configure to only include formats supported by this

What do you think?

Sigmund Augdal

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