[vlc-devel] Re: VTHR is down

Antoine Cellerier dionoea at via.ecp.fr
Mon Dec 20 23:26:19 CET 2004

I've got some good and bad news concerning vthr :

bad news : recovering all the 41 GB of  data will not be doable

good news : i can recover scripts or other text data if i have some
content to grep. I've already recovered nightly builds scripts. They are
available here : http://people.via.ecp.fr/~dionoea/vthr

If you had some vital data stored on vthr, please email me what you
remember as contents of those files and i'll try to bring those back
from the dead :)

We'll try to put vthr back on it's feet sometime this week (as soon as
we get a (or two) new hard drive).


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