[vlc-devel] Re: Broadcasting/multicasting a DVB transponder signal

Marius Kjeldahl marius at kjeldahl.net
Fri Dec 31 11:30:54 CET 2004

Benjamin PRACHT wrote:
> Well, I cannot see any obvious issue in your syntax. Could you send us
> the complete log ?

I've attached a log to this email.

> Another possibility could be that your dvb card and/or your drivers
> don't have support for the "budget-mode", that allows to grap several
> programs at the same time. What kind of card is the Twinham card you are
> using ? Does it include a MPEG decoder ? Did you find any info on a way
> to enable the budget mode in the drivers ?

The name on the box of the cards I use is "TwinhanDTV Sat-CI". The 
"features list" does not list any MPEG decoder, and considering it's a 
relative low-cost card I doubt they have stuck a decoder on it.

As for enabling budget mode in the driver, I was not aware that this was 
also a driver issue, so no, I have not tried to enable anything other 
than the driver itself (I posted how I loaded the drivers). Having 
looked through the source for the dvb-bt8xx and dst drivers I can not 
find any indications of support for any "budget mode" functionality,

Christophe Massiot suggested I try using "programs prog1,prog2", which I 
will do as soon as I get the chance.

A comment to the logfile:

"packetizer_copy packetizer debug: need dts > 0"

I found little information about what this means, but I was able to get 
the same error with one single program streaming just fine, so I'm 
guessing that is not the cause of my problems.

As for the final remarks about not being a multicast address, 
I know. Since I've already had my share of trouble with switches not 
properly doing multicast, I'm keeping everything as simple as possible 
and moving on to multicast as soon as I get everything working locally 
on one computer. I've had better success with "udp unicast" than "udp 
multicast" so far, which is why I have used this in testing.

Thanks for helping out,

Marius K.
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