[vlc-devel] problems in making documentation

R. Bernstein rocky at panix.com
Thu Feb 12 14:49:02 CET 2004

Been trying to make some small corrections to the vlc-user-doc. The
developer documentation I've been able to hack around (and perhaps
I'll put in a configure script to make it possible to build say
systems other than Debian). How do folks build the documentation?

I seem always to have to change the ... below in line 3 of

<!DOCTYPE book PUBLIC "-//OASIS//DTD DocBook XML V4.1//EN" "..."

to be where docbookx.dtd is. 

And when I run "build" I get 

+ Finding for which langage we are building
- No lang. Using default
+ Building for en
+ Building the target: 
- Error: unknown target. Building all
+ Executing make -f ../common/Makefile all DOC=vlc-user-guide LANG=en
mkdir -p en
xsltproc --stringparam lang en ../common/multilanguage.xsl vlc-user-guide.xml | sed -e 's/id="vlc-user-guide"/id="vlc-user-guide-en" lang="en"/' > en/vlc-user-guide-en.xml
cp -R ../../images/documentation en/images
cp: cannot stat `../../images/documentation': No such file or directory

If I create that directory I can sort of limp along, e.g. the output I
get is htm rather than html, and so on and then I can change
common/Makefile to add *.htm as in:

		mv *.html $(LANG) || mv *.htm $(LANG)
		rm -f $(LANG)/$(DOC)-$(LANG)-html.zip
		cd $(LANG) && zip $(DOC)-$(LANG)-html.zip *.html *.htm images/*.jpg images/*.gif

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