[vlc-devel] wxWindows broken in last cvs

Petrus wannaearn at libero.it
Fri Feb 13 14:44:35 CET 2004

Hi all, 
last cvs VLC doesn't compile any more its wxWindows interface on my linux suse 
linux 9 (2.4.21-166). 
At the end of the making procecss VLC comes out only with GTK+ intf. 
VLC 0.7.0 and 0.7.1-test1 tarball compile smoothly and with their wxWindows intf. 
I've autoconf 2.57-161 and wxGTK 2.4.2-1 (libs and devel). 
When configuring the cvs I get this warning (in 0.70 and 0.71 test1 not): 
checking for wx-config... /usr/bin/wx-config 
checking wx/wxprec.h usability... yes 
checking wx/wxprec.h presence... no 
configure: WARNING: wx/wxprec.h: accepted by the compiler, rejected by the 
configure: WARNING: wx/wxprec.h: proceeding with the preprocessor's result 
configure: WARNING: ## ------------------------------------ ## 
configure: WARNING: ## Report this to bug-autoconf at gnu.org. ## 
configure: WARNING: ## ------------------------------------ ## 
checking for wx/wxprec.h... no 
Cannot find wxWindows development headers. 
What's wrong? 

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