[vlc-devel] Bugs in VLC 0.7.1-test1+2 on OSX

Markus Lindenberg markus at mli.prima.de
Sun Feb 22 17:39:29 CET 2004

Hi VLC Team,

i think i found a few bugs in 0.7.1-test1, i just installed test2 and 
still had these problems (using osx 10.3.2 on an ibook G3 700mhz):

- vlc crashes when i drop a directory on the playlist window and 
double-click on it.
0.7.0 used to expand that directory to the contained files and plays 

-  still can't play mpeg audio

- when listening to an ogg vorbis stream, vlc pauses after exactly 30s
i'm trying to stream from http://fm4.amd.co.at/ (inofficial stream of 
the popular austrian radio station fm4). there are 3 different streams 
with the same problem: playback pauses after 30s for a moment, then 
goes on with the time in the controller window re-starting at 0:00:00
the stream works fine in other software like xmms, but sounds bad as 
xmms seems to do resampling at a very low quality. the stream is 48khz, 
while my ibook only supports 44.100hz output. i don't know if this is a 
bug in vlc or the streaming server they use.

other than that, thanks for this great piece of software!


Markus Lindenberg
   <markus at mli.prima.de>
   <markus.lindenberg at uni-konstanz.de>

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