[vlc-devel] cddb lookup in utf-8 locale (cddax module)

R. Bernstein rocky at panix.com
Sun Feb 22 23:26:56 CET 2004

As you've noted the errors come from libcddb, the routine 
cddb_parse_record() in particular. 

It may be that cddb_query never calls this routine. You can verify
that by using "-l debug" and see if "cddb_parse_record" appears in the

Whether the problem is in libcddb or vlc, it would be useful to have
the CDDB Disc ID which you may have entered when running
cddb_query. (I don't see the CDDB Disc ID in the logs). From vlc, you
can find the CDDB Disc ID under "Stream and Media Info" in the
"General" section.

Finally, I'll note that the CD-DA plugin via libcdio has a number of
little problems that I'm aware of. For example at the end of a track
the playlist and display don't get updated and right now I don't know
how to fix. Or the fact that the GUIs refer to "Title" (and sometimes
show a "Chapter" button) when "Track" is more appropriate.

It's just that this plugin I is largely an improvement from what was
there. Of course feel free to help out and fix.

Arwed von Merkatz writes:
 > got another problem with vlc when running in en_US.UTF-8 locale.
 > Playing an audio cd with titles that contain german umlauts:
 > arwed at Otherland:~$ vlc cdda://
 > VLC media player 0.7.1-test2 Bond
 > ERROR: unexpected line = 'TTITLE1=Afrob, David Pe, DJ Emilio - Alles
 > Lüge'
 > ERROR: unexpected line = 'TTITLE5=Dreiländeract(Hobbitz, Timxtreme, Gute
 > Frage & Karibik Frank) - Filmriss'
 > [...]
 > The tracks that have those errors show up as "% -" in the playlist
 > window (wxGTK interface).
 > Starting vlc with LC_ALL=C vlc cdda:// doesn't produce those errors.
 > Now the actual error message comes from libcddb, but cddb_query
 > (installed by libcddb) doesn't have this problem in UTF-8 locales, so
 > i'm not sure whether the bug is in vlc or in libcddb.
 > Logs for both LC_ALL=C and LC_ALL=en_US.UTF-8 are attached.
 > -- 
 > Arwed v. Merkatz                               Sourcemage GNU/Linux developer
 >                                                     http://www.sourcemage.org
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