[vlc-devel] CVS Commit (rocky)

cvs at videolan.org cvs at videolan.org
Fri Jan 16 05:14:54 CET 2004

Update of /var/cvs/videolan/vlc/modules/codec/ogt
Modified Files:
	Modules.am common.c cvd.c render.c subtitle.h 
Added Files:

Log Message:
render.c: RV16 now works great - uses all colors, but no transparancy.
Started RV32 and- has bugs. (It'd be nice if something in rendering
worked the first time without a hassle).

Modules.am, pixmap.h, subtitle.h: Some of the pixel stuff has been
moved here.

cvd.c: remove option duplicated with ogt.c Probably should be hoisted more
to a main routine. Perhaps if spudec is folded in.


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