[vlc-devel] stringreview wxwindows result.

Derk-Jan Hartman hartman at videolan.org
Sun Jan 25 02:55:50 CET 2004

OK, first thing is done :)
I fixed a couple of small bugs as well, but there are also several 
things which cannot be dealt with at the moment, or that should be 
dealt with by a wxwindows coder. Here are my results.

ALL: removed some duplicate includes

- bitrate and maxbitrate options, while the v4l input doesn't seem to 
handle these.
- no caching or chroma options.
- changed default from stereo to mono

- this dialog needs serious redesign in both wxwindows and macosx

- the list of keys for hotkeys is untranslated, don't know how to solve 

- fixed a bug with the loop and repeat var creation
- rightclick should trigger 'select this row' to give visual feedback 
on which playlistitem you will be manipulating
- shuffle == randomize playlist (reorder), random == jumping randomly 
trough playlist without reordering
- repeat and loop and normal behaviour are mutual exclusive, they 
should be combined in one control (macosx too)
- loop can be confusing, because it doesn't clarify 'what' it is 
looping. Loop All/Loop One or Repeat All/Repeat One might be a better 
choice for loop and repeat options (at least at a GUI level) (also goes 
for OSX)

- I know i'm gonna hit a nerve here, and i think atm it's not even 
advisable, but in a clean userfriendly interface the MRL field should 
not be necessary for an end user.
- "PBC LID" rocky? what is that for label? it's completely useless, who 
knows what PBC LID means?

- the 'help' versions of the menu-items create a lot of duplicity and 
don't really add that much clarification. Also for instance the buttons 
don't use this same guidance system, which makes it inconsistent and 
rather useless. The visual space can better be used to represent more 
info about the currently playing file for instance. information which 
often is hardly readable especially when a file is deep in a directory.
- saturation, contrast, brightness etc options should be changed to use 
var_ instead of config_


Universiteit Twente
Derk-Jan Hartman (d.hartman at student.utwente dot nl)

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