[vlc-devel] CVS Commit (hartman)

R. Bernstein rocky at panix.com
Wed Jan 28 01:22:36 CET 2004

hartman suggests:
 >   Vobsub is working now. only track 0 will be played atm.
 >   spudec scaling will need to be implemented or vobsub is pretty useless.

Actually, scaling is done in the VCD versions of this - see
codec/ogt. If you need to reduce scale along the X axis (for I420 or
YUY2) you can probably use the routine ScaleX from common.c. And the
VCD version handles all the color planes rather than just the Y plane;
also blending is done for some of the chromas. And more chromas are
handled. (e.g. RGB2).

And I bet those routines are little faster than than the ones in
spudec. For cropped images we terminate loops earlier or start them
later. And even when no cropped images, we loop over pixels in the
input subtitle image rather than the output scaled (enlarged) image,
so when a pixel is skipped over we are skipping over several pixels in
the scaled image.

A possibility then is to use the routines from ogt. But for this to
happen, the spudec RLE should be expanded before blending. This is
probably a good thing to do anyway; a subtitle is rendered several
times per subtitle, but expansion need only be done once.

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