[vlc-devel] Re: RFC: vout system

Olivier Aubert oaubert at lisi.univ-lyon1.fr
Thu Jan 29 13:18:58 CET 2004

> - next, besides our text rendering engine, we need a general image 
> rendering routine. Probably png based. This engine should be able to 
> handle scaling, aspect ratio's and other annoying stuff. It could be 
> used for image based subtitles, as well as to create a TRUE OSD intf 
> that renders menu's etc.
I totally agree. Last year, I wrote a SVG rendering plugin, and the
worst part was copying the rendered bitmap (obtained through librsvg) on
the picture (with alpha blending,...). I would expect from the core vlc
a unified image rendering system which would make this task easier (in
fact, I am reading with great interest the commit messages on the work
done on ogt rendering and am waiting to see the rendering part exposed
at a higher level).


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